Better Than We Imagined at MCON2 and Beyond


Welcome aboard the gm bus. Since the wheels on our magical bus first began rolling in August, our gm team has already travelled from coast to coast. Here are some highlights from our journeys at MCON2 and beyond.

Lets begin…

The gm bus and the Green Pill trailer arrived in Denver by caravan. MCON2 was anticipating our arrival.

(That’s Chris Barrett on his 1539th consecutive day running, btw.)

Near the Colorado State Capital and the Denver Art Museum is a three story brick building, with a plot of grass along the street. Evans School was an elementary school, built in 1904. From September 6-9, 2022, MetaCartel hosted its unconference for the DAO purists in the classrooms and beyond.  During the day, the gm bus and the Green Pill trailer parked along the sidewalk, beside the grass.

Second Renaissance

The gm bus is stocked with gm vibes, swag and art supplies.  Shirts, posters and postcards are graced with Perchy’s A Tale of Two Renaissances.

Take the Green Pill

The Green Pill book has been so popular that we’re gonna need to restock our supplies soon.

Inside the Green Pill trailer is a podcast studio, where MetaMedia recorded podcasts with Meta_Dreamer from MetaFactory, Kevin Owocki and Web3 studios, Opolis, WGMI, Ameen Sol, wonderverse and COLLABLAND.

Tie Dye and Crawfish

Lauren Halstead, of ChainLink, hosted a panel with Kevin Owocki, Yalor Mewn, Dennison Bertram and Sky Minert.  A circle formed in the grass to discuss __[A Guild to the Pluriverse.](![](

page/1)__ Ameen Solemani told MCON2 attendees to keep doing what they do best, whatever that might be for each individual, especially in the midst of bear markets and regulation uncertainty.

We ate crawfish boil and tie dyed shirts.

Thank you to ChainLink, Bankless DAO, Gitcoin, Web3 Studios, Opolis, DAOSquare, WGMI, MetaFactory, Logos, MetaCartel DAO and MetaCartel Venturesfor supporting the gm magic! \n

What if it turned out better than you imagined?

The invitation the gm bus is bringing throughout its travels is to consider: What if it turned out better than you imagined?

Please contemplate that question and then write what you feel on the bus.

Some of our friends wrote their better than imagined thoughts on the bus during MCON2.

Thank you to





MetaCartel, MetaGammaDelta and Bankless



And many, many more. We value your imagination!

Where is the gm bus going next?

Since leaving MCON2, the gm bus has been in Arkansas, Tennessee and Oklahoma. It visited Smartcon in NYC, went to a university, spent time in nature on merge day and celebrated a community coordinated billboard takeover.

You can find the gm bus in Arizona on October 25-27th and in New Mexico on November 1-5th

Where do you want to see the gm bus next?

For more imagination encouragement and gm vibes,

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