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GM Farcaster: Pac-Man eats warps

GM Farcaster weekly recap Nov 20-24, 2023

Your GM Farcaster weekly recap is here! Last week, we took a break on Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday so only two shows below. Register on our site for email schedule updates and reminders. We are back Monday for our regular schedule this week!

AND before the recap we need to thank Purple for the win this week in the latest Prop House! We greatly appreciate the support! Plus this week we saw another NFT mint with warps, new channel tags and of course all the Openai and Binance news. See all the links we chatted about and a bunch we didn't get to below.

GM Farcaster episode 27, November 20, 2023

Show Notes and Links – some of the stuff we talked about:

Had to start with Openai news of course:

And the memes:

Vitalik on EA:

Outcasters with guest curator @chriscocreated:

Is there more art on Farcaster?

Farconnect fomo:

Thoughts on when to become a parent: Barbarians:

And some other casts we didn’t get a chance to chat about:

What data would you like to see?

FarMarket is live!

Too old to be a founder?

This week on Base:

Purple & Metacartel Gitcoin round:

Take the sticker off first!

GM Farcaster episode 28, November 22, 2023

Show Notes and Links – some of the stuff we talked about:

Thank you Purple!

Purple & Metacartel Gitcoin Grants round:

Yeah there’s big news with Openai and CZ but have you minted with warps?

Big ships…

A new NFT to mint with warps:

Don’t have warps? Now you can buy them!

s/o Coinbase Commerce:

Warpcast Invites 2.0:

Warp rewards:

New channel mentions:

33bits and anon casting:

How to talk to family about crypto:

And some other casts we didn’t get a chance to chat about:

Be careful – scammers are hitting the dm’s:

Farcaster assets repo:

KBC’s next iterations of Tribes on Farcaster:

And Ted wants to know…

Bountycaster is cookin!

And the real crypto/ai news:

Add your fave CZ quote:

And our musings elsewhere:

Adrienne: Some of the Things #22

Farcaster Fall essay:

And Adrienne’s Podcast – Four Old College Friends:

Nounish Prof: Unpacking with Prof – Purple: GM Farcaster Purple Prop House prop:

GM Farcaster FAQ:

GM Farcaster weekly recap for last week: is live!

AND GM Farcaster is now available everywhere you get your podcasts including Apple podcasts and Spotify!

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