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Positive-sum Piracy

Warpcast recently introduced actions, which enable users to install custom actions to perform specific tasks. The Sendit action MVP is here, and it's a spicy one. The Sendit action lets anyone deploy and media cast to a Zora mint according to the parameters in the cast below. While some think this is an incredible implementation of a positive-sum feature in a permissionless network, others think this is a violation of creators' rights. However you look at it, this type of innovation is only possible in a permissionless network and it's awesome to see these types of experiments taking place.

NOGS have Landed

You can finally claim your $NOGS tokens for the Gnars you own! Head over to to begin claiming yours today. Also check out the /noggles channel on Warpcast! And if it isn't over by the time you see this, drop in to the NOGS Party to join the presale and contribute towards the first NOGS LP.

Sendit Synergy

There is an obvious and palpable synergy between the Gnars and Sendit communities. Check out some of the amazing content being shared by Gnars members below.

DH Nouns

If you're not familiar with DH Nouns you definitely need to check this out. Learn about what they're up to and collect the article on Mirror at the link below.


Check out SkateHive and SurfHive, where you can publish content and get paid for it!

You can also now swap your HIVE tokens directly for BTC and ETH without leaving the app!






We have lots of exciting proposal ideas constantly in the works. Please take a look and give feedback in the discord forum! In particular, the second proposal in our series for Base jumping is coming up. Please be sure to ask any questions you may have!

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In Other Nouns

Keep proliferating and stay Gnarly ⌐◨-◨ 🤘

Gnars are a new way to fund extreme athletes

We prefer a world where kids aren't sold energy drinks by their heroes. So as a community of action sports enthusiasts, we've formed a DAO to rethink how extreme athletes get sponsored.

Gnars are NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain

Based on Nouns open source and CC0 artwork, they're stored fully on-chain with no external dependencies. Each one gets you a DAO vote and memberships are available at auction, forever.

Gnars are dedicated to supporting the artistry of extreme athletes

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