4'33" (for Adventurers): Textualis Conceptualist

We are all synths.

a) Entereth. The man was carrying a buckle of .txt on his shoulders. Pacing the path was hard in a word processor. A wild font might appear anywhere anytime by any media available.

Then, he heard a voice:

4’33” (for Adventurers), personal mint, 1/1, 6900 x 6900 px.
for John Cage

b) Imagine a set of umlauts swooping unto the transparent background of a pfp in Adobe Photoshop. Their was to become of a .svg on-chain. However, there were no willing vowels present to crown themselves with the invasion of soothing intonations.

synth .txt, personal mint, 1/1, .mp4.

c) That text file used to be a homo sapiens sapiens. Dwelling on the branches of a mycellian metaverse. He had a change to become of a .txt file for easier transportation benefits throughout the permacloud.

.txt, personal mint, 1/1, .txt.

d) Imagine a grammatologist being able to surf the UI of a monstrous word processor, all alone. The only glitch that would render her non-comfy is an embedded .jpeg to the .txt

gm: we like the loot, personal mint, 1/1, .mp4

post-Loot: The bag is rendered in ASCII next to an ANSII loving .svg.

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