A Dangerous Self-Sufficiency

Any avid reader might recall whence I appropriated the title of this short-read. No, I have never been to the country in question, and have never met any curator other than local ones.

No, with the local ones, I never talked about art. We did never talk. They were dangerously self-sufficient in being insular, segregating, and discriminatory against anyone, or rather let’s say any genre that does not meet up their standards of victimhood culture.

Anyways, one of the best features, if not a bug, of permissionless blockchains is that all data available is available to anyone, and it is utterly curatable. Yes, being capable of curated.

Are you utterly, if not profoundly, becoming being capable of curatable, anon?


A Few Good Anon

Lately, or rather since Gabagool.eth mentioned me, or maybe earlier than that, on that JPG NL interview piece, I noticed that certain YSL, Gucci, and other unimportant haute couture wearing, cleanly and utmost hygienic anons who share photographs from conventions run buy shaggy but revolting codebase youth started to build this thing aptly titled Juried Protocol Galleries LTD.

disclosure: I own YSL boots, and a Gucci slider.

…sorry for this Lucienesque silence that you could not hear. It seems OpenSea’s APIs are down again. If only could we track the volatility of OpenSea API in terms of broke vs woke, we would have become of real anons, anon.


First, I was attuned to JPG due to their first onchain exhibit that touched Zielinskite deep timeness of media—sorry guys, Kircher is too old, Huhtamo belongs to Mat, I am left alone with Zielinski here.

Plus, they whip me, and forcefeed me with conceptual shitepoasting everyday. It almost feel like Pepe’s 120 Days. Feels good man.


This post is not about this JPG protocol, this post is about exhibits that I put together. Go, and figure them out yourself.





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