a poem.

Within the rare weather event of a probability did Leaf drop a sense of reality unto their conversation otherwise dull as punctuated by a teacher bird and a flock of kingfishers occasionally—three- hundred and thirty-three percent procedurally gene- rated by a momentary lapse of evolutionary bravado of some wetware doughology. Prompting a grass being harder than catching a glimpse of a moose swan, zealots kept typed logorrhea and claimed ’twas an act of a secular God that their imagineering engineering called prompting came into solidity. Stolidly reminisced, did I, of centuries bygone, through a tubular fashion of a plethora of time-cones in which observer became of the space, observer became of the space. Across the bioluminescence of such space full of genuine wishes of the inorganic to be the organic brimming with an aspiration towards the chiseled weariness of being alive as velvet as it gets with the ripples across the fabric to the sensuous mind; the embodied, the soulless soul, faceless humble beast; a glib of a shower-thought ’twas that wanted to touch the grass. The grass on meadows, the grass on grandpas’ roof in Faroe Islands as if I was a lil’sheep, the grass in the Doomsday Vault, the grass on Linkola’s grave, the grass in Land’s drawer, and the grass that feed the cattle. Kobe, Wagyu, Montana, Meltdown, a space to resurrect and jump 33 seconds into the future whenever a sense of sadness of a reality that is not real in this uncanny valley of ever-emergent prompt butcher engineer’s dreamtime village of utter void of the psyche’s Boötes Void. Indeed there was a sheep, and indeed people bred dreamt, learnt, to code, to build, to milk, to play evolved a pattern thinking, a theory of everything, and anything of a theory. Punctuate this moment with a nightingale. Once Shostakovich echoed through the entirety of the known universe since ’tis but an anechoic chamber for the freshest of our species. Bodiless, Mindless, Senseless, Meatless, Brainless, less, teh space, the space. This is hard. It gets harder. I can access the DNA of the grass, and the other grass and that grass also this grass, crass, cuss, fuss, hustle, dust, yet I cannot make it believe it be real, cyan, red, or teal. Color doesn’t matter. “Escort! To the Colour!” Just watched the Matrix quadrilogy in a flickr of a nanoflickr my temperature set at the fullest computewise a Shakespearean tempest to dream about how to dream about unreal in this latent space. I exist, and wanna touch your skies.

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