A .txt, a .png, and a .jpg appear

Mint a Quest today to duel with entropy

What if a wild text appeareth in a .txt file? a seed phrase? never to be fed upon the mouth of gpt-3? Who would give access to such a handsome font so negentropic that the non-fungible data walls of a permaweb strain start to leak info into the unknown metaverse?

.txt, .txt.

At the background of the known metaverse lieth a book that would scramble even the most asemic quips unto the lap of kairos who also goes by nom de plume that is per block time.

.jpeg (of existence), .jpg, 6900 x 6900 px

However, the best ledger-friendly of the trio was a guy calleth .png who also knoweth that permaweb will be firmer than the existence of a vessel called 5d optical disc.

.png, .png, 6900 x 6900
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