An NFT for 18 Tweets

  1. A tropico-brutalist 🌴 dark forest 🌞 provides a prime example of a complex system 🦍.

  2. The interactions among species thereof range from extreme generalists (so-called NFT degens will consume most anything breathing in their path) to extreme specialists (Vitalik’s ‘rollup orchid’ with a foot-long development repo, can only be developed by an Ape with a soulbound dedication—neither would beat entropy without the other.)

  3. Do you know what Messiaen think of Xenakis when the former caught a glimpse of the latter as a pupil?

  4. A timpani, or a tabla?

  5. Imagine a tension on the pluck of a finger with a string abstraction on a Lute.

  6. pragma solidity >=0.G.M. <0.WAG.MI;

  7. 333>4’33” <—> Exit>Voice

  8. Only a DeFi user can be designated as a degen.

  9. DeFi>Web3.

  10. Add another 5 timpanis.

  11. Comet Orchid. Rival Dealer by Burial?

  12. Ryder Ripps is more NRx than is Nick Land a u/acc-ist.

  13. Oblique Strategies would be alive on-chain. I hope Eno is about to realize all that jazz.

  14. Nothing compares to YSL in fashion and metaversal fashion suck big time.

  15. ‘Here was a man, Messiaen thought, “not like the others.”’

  16. You are about to get sandwiched.

  17. MEV bots are the real gentlemen.

  18. You are the sandwich.

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