there is a need for a community to emerge that will not call themselves a community. they act as if they are belonging in a commune. a commune is a block-space where agreements to disagree is a leverage opportunity to scale the room of which any individual is in need in order to teach themselves to express.

expression is not, and shall never be, bound by the limitations a societal struct such as a community need to maintain for survival.


is an interstitial existence of such a commune whose foremost collaboration effort is to import the profoundly experimental art genres, and waves unto the blockspace—so that developers, artists, and craftspeople alongside community-makers, culture-makers, and place-makers may conceptualize to scale, especially Ethereum-based organizations.

anti-commune is an art in prod.

p.s.: Collecting this writing NFT will grant you special rights next to the original holders of the freely distributed ERC-721. First come, first served.


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