Why Braindrain? So I heard you have a network state

There should only a handful of reasons why I would be braindraining from my native country either to another one, or a metaone like that network state of yours:

1. Incentives

2. Freedom of thought and speech

3. Better sanitation and hygiene

4. Accountability and professionalism

5. Access to better health services

6. Mutual respect

Now I am aware that these are not well-distilled articulation of the micro thereof.

1. Incentivization

I am talking about incenting those who put effort into anything related to scientific experiments; entrepreneurs / starters, builders. I am not going into details here—nor would I do it for the upcoming.

When talking about incentives, I am not talking about simply funding decentralized science or community-bootstrapping projects by ERC20s. Morale incentives do matter.

2. Freedom of Thought and Speech

This is such a delicate issue especially in the last 20 years when it comes to its definition at the global scale. The worst attacks on the integrity of societies that try to preserve themselves are counted as freedom of speech by the gullible mediators whereas people who do need real life protection for their thoughts and speech are prevented from peacefully existing at where they deem home because of their simple thought and subsequent speech by both the authorities and the angels of peace abroad who are so much so blind to the realities of life outside their own parochiality.

Now, some would think that I'm talking about utterly out-of-touch-with-the-reality type of Western culture wars that would not make up even an autobiography of some sort, or they'd imagine that I'm talking about the right-to-offend.

No, what I am talking about is usually what culturally lazy relativists enable, the degrees of which your democracies do not even tolerate so that you can cuss at your own local representatives freely.

3. Better Sanitation and Hygiene

Yup. Some cultures are clean only in the private. Some others focus on the common spaces. Some others can easily maintain a motto where everywhere is as clean as it gets.

This relates to 4, 5 and 6, too.

Noone is tying to hide their dirt. Their understanding of hygiene is not subjective, and is a hedge against cross-contamination. From the hospital ward to the average kitchen counter, everyone applies a magic called cleanliness. People apply deodorants, and those deodorants do not contain dangerous ingredients. It's like simple logic gates. You never use the piece of clothing you use for the kitchen counter for other stuff. You know you need to change water whilst mopping at intervals, and use different mop heads for restrooms, and kitchen.

You do not dump your leftover food into the streets to feed the stray predators that pose risks to the public health, people's security, and other animals' wellbeing.

You do not let stray animals reproduce exponentially in the year of 2024 hence you you won't have illnesses such as rabies, or echinococcosis (cist hidatic).

You do not leave your trash behind, and beaches are not ashtrays. You, as a nurse, shall not feed stray cats in front of the pulmonary diseases ward. That way, you won't heave to chase stray animals amongst patients who have just undergone the operation of their life for 8 hours straight—I am note exaggerating, these stuff either have happened in front of my eyes, or happen all the time, or rather befall people.

4. Accountability and Professionalism

In order to overcome mediocrity supremacy, we need to be accountable towards one another, and I am not talking about authoritarian controls imposed by any party on others where parties can be your favorite regenerative finance proponents or some mullahs. It doesn't matter. You already know what I mean.

Professionalism usually exists in circles that are criticized hard. The critics however are usually after their own rent. This is a universal issue and predates blogging technology.

5. Access to Better Health Services

This is not only related to life-extension, or longevity. We all know that mediocre access levels to health services are marketed under different cloaks, and health tourism has both the Good Samaritans and utter predators who offer no services whatsoever—writing from the trenches as someone who spent some time as a client success manager for a health tourism agency. This is in fact good in that it means I can have access to the services of better individuals or entities by some research. It does not matter whether these are public services or private ones. I am here spending around USD 1K per month in total under the current exchange rates to both public health access since I know there are really good hospitals or doctors in the public system, and I also want to have a minute access to state-of-the-art hospital networks at any time of the day, week, year, hence paying for a top-tier private insurance, too. It matters when you are planning your 40s-50s during mid-30s. Plus, at times you might have a series of health issues which are individually bearable but could be budget tearing in sum. Currently, I like my position here since I have options. I keep hearing about the conditions of Canadian or Dutch health system. In the US, at least you have more options. Now, please do not get me started, I know how hard it's to access basic health services "by experience". Been there, suffered that, made up my mind. Tried hard.

Still trying hard. That's why I like what people such as Johnsons is doing. If I had had the means currently, I'd be also doing a similar stuff myself for a) I like to live well, b) I won't be bored whilst sailing to Andromeda next to Taylor Swift and Arthur Hayes if not Kate Bush and Kurt Vonnegut.

Look, neither do I want to be a guinea pig for your biohacking takes at makeshift conference corners for I think those corners are brimming with germs nor will I judge you for not knowing better DeFi rails to incentivize the researchers in your clique.

Yet, I want a state-of-the-art access and space for health services if I am a citizen of yours. I am ready to subscribe to those services as add-ons.

This section also relates to nutrients and food. Many are not aware that some countries have worse nutrients in globally recognized cuisine markers. Some geographies' junk food is well much more nutrient that some others' main meals. Food is important.

6. Mutual Respect

All of the above.

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