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Pure Conceptual Shitepoasting

People are hedging so hardcore that there is the ghost of an assumption through the markets, especially those of crypto-economics, that people do not like to trade nowadays. People do trade, and they will keep trading ad infinitum—like it or leave it.

blueprint for cringuality of alegal markets, tool: textik.com

It’s just that your friends are busy either reflecting on the massive losses of generational wealth in the matrix where glitch is not of merely aesthetic pleasures of ugly art; or, they’re indeed busy on the 666th network on which they’re trading another play.

What I find most boring during this behavioral shifts that affect a mass psychology on either macro, or micro fashion—which does not necessarily matter if you are conditioned to success (without letting go of off the morals, indeed)—people act as if doom-posting is the only solution to these crises.

Doomposting is for the large school of expanded rationalism which also pampered the ecole of effective altruists to the degree that even a meme can now be boring whilst you are sipping the first espresso doppio of the day.

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