Daily 2

It’s a beautiful day in that it’s the last day before the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, and the days will get longer. That’s a beauteous news.

If you are feeling depressed my dear wee anon-chan, please be not satisfied merely by going outside, and touching some sort of a grass. You need a goal on both micro, and macro scales.

elite curation of information

I’ll be hitting the gym on a 4-day streak today (sorry, I paused here so as to push away the sci-fi scenario that took place for a momentary lapse of time), and will try to make it to the Discord community meeting of Juried Protocol Galleries.

JPG is an onchain cultural artefact exhibition ecosystem who have just announced their inventive approach to non-fungible token (NFT) indices by the might of their Canons:

JPG (pronounced jpeg) @______jpg______

Announcing the launch of JPG Canons! A token-curated registry system designed to index a new community-sourced contextual data layer for NFTs. JPG Canons are now in its alpha version, discover below how they will benefit the NFT ecosystem. jpg.space

4:01 PM ∙ Dec 8, 2022


Translation: Canons are JPGs advancement upon TCRs (token-curated registries) in which the holders of a given token, in this case the dynamic Canonicon NFT, index proposed NFTs under a certain canon. Think of a canon as a cultural order book where idea market reflexivities solidify into permanent legacy culture of a given society.

The last week on their Discord might have been the best time since DeFi Summer 2020 August that I spent on anything crypto-related thanks to discussions such as Smart Contract Dynamism vs NFT Dynamism.

I love memes more than art:

‘plunderphonics-sampledelica-variations acousmatiques’

Music NFTs still lack top-notch niché content that serves a given peculiar line of collectors who are trapped within the Everywhere at the End of the Time multiverse by the Caretaker. Yes, there are experiment such as Billy Bultheel’s Songs for the Contract, or any sound-focusing artwork by Deafbeef, or Giga Bvgatti’s Weeb3 sounbites (aye, self shill), and many other pure contract based anomalies by shy artists who call themselves devs due to peer pressure whilst nobodies are printing stables even when they are neither artists nor devs yet are skillful enough to abuse both the gullible artworld and devtopia.

However, these do not cater for the currently catalogue building Music NFTs canon. Music NFTs are right now invested in the emergent business-making architecture, and culture-design—which is probably going to be a billion dollar industry soon enough than does any of us realize amongst the doomposting scrolls.

…and, no, I do not see any streaming service from which you can broadcast Julius Eastman or John Cage to the obscurity hungry sincere degens as Music NFTs. It’s just an experiment into platform design—which is a good thing.

Hence, today we are listening to a non-Music NFT album Toon! by Jonathan Scherk via Jelinek’s Faitiche label:

Sometimes, you need to be able to listen to experimental sound textures to make it all in one trade. I wonder whether if anyone is working on a sound work that focuses on the echoes within the shitcoin pools on this or that Swap. If not, I have recently proposed an idea for a Nouns Builder Prop House campaigns that seek valuable ideas:

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