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Intraday UTC + 3

Good morning people,

It’s been a day of banal shocks across expanded crypto-markets, today, too. For those of you who have just woken up, or sobered, news of the days is as follows:

  • USD Tether has downward legged, a situational event many fearsome market participants perceive as a de-peg as 3pool liquidity has dried up a lil.

    You may check the health of the pool via this Parsec dashboard shared by alto aka dollar dot eth:


  • Market sentiment boils up into a shared state of panic, despair and chaos following the news of Financial Committee (US) hearing of Promotheum Inc. (whoever they are) for majority of market participants unanimously think that it’s a rather coordinated play between the aforementioned and the SEC.

    Below is a rather intriguing share which you can access hereguys, please re-activate Twitter embeds, this feud between Twitter and Substack is childish.

  • People have been speculating about Michael Egorov’s debt collateralization via native CRV tokens to borrow, and better his AAVE position all day long, which caused a cascade of drama again on CT ad nauseam. I guess the best answer came from the Aavechan—that’s, it’s not the duty of state-machine maintainers to intervene into free markets:



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