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UTC + 3 Afternoon Edition

Whilst it cannot be denied that crypto is again early yet this time into a full-throttle inertia of a recession, it does not mean that high quality research and builds are non-existent during lil’bear ages.

Some of you need to comes to terms with the fact that we are living our own version of Mississippi Bubble, and there are more than a single John Law across the board this time. To prevent immature marketual emergences, we need good research. Lately there have been a lot of good research in the ecosystem.


As Polygon Labs’ Chief Policy Officer Rebecca Rettig announced earlier this evening, they have released a comprehensive blockchain use cases database that is open to anyone with internet access, that is, The Value Prop.

This database is the outcome of a convivial coordination by the community.

Speaking of crypto databases, Pentacle is still my favorite of all times.


Some might ask what the following has to do with markets. However, any avid reader, and market participant would notice the complex web of marketual forces at place here.

Harmless AI releases the Anti-Yudkowsky: Towards Harmony with Machines book for you to read. Read and meet alternative views on the Second Coming, that is, the effective acceleration of technological progress into our escape from what we are today:

Our intention is to help you understand that in order to navigate this transitionary period correctly, we must reject the notion of Alignment entirely. This is a specific way of looking at the world, a specific method of analysis we find impossible to work with. And – we do not say this out of cruelty, we are forced to reckon with the fact that is something that has been cultivated in a subculture that has been relatively isolated, relatively entrenched in its ways of being, a group seen as oddballs by the rest of the world, whether the world is justified in its suspicion of them or not. To do a genealogy of where Alignment originates from, we must figure out why these people found each other in the way they did, what drove them to seek their answers, and from there, where they went wrong.


“In the absence of actual returns data, fundraising becomes about telling a story.”

Bozman evaluates the current roadmap for Crypto VCs:

In the absence of actual returns data, fundraising becomes about telling a story. You highlight winners from your last funds and use a combination of anecdotal evidence and data to spin a story about financial outcomes. For example - we invested in ‘hypothetical DeFi company’s’ seed round - since then a16z led a Series A, meaning this well-executing team is now extremely well capitalized. We believe they’ll launch a token in the next 12 months which, based on market comps, could trade at a $1-2B FDV, giving us a 10-20x return on our initial investment. Something like that…

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