Daily Markets 3

UTC + 3 Afternoon Edition

Good Morning CT, especially CT, since my best non-existent friends are in CT. I try to send the newsletter a couple times a day just because I feel I am bored all day reading, and collecting bookmarks to myself. There is a Telegram channel where I post every other minute or so. You can access the channel here:

Marketual Research Unit

  • Wyre is winding down their operations due to an alleged crypto-winter whereas it is daylight clear that all that jazz we are experiencing is a crypto-recession. If you have any assets on their platform, you might want to check it. LINK

  • Aevo, a decentralized options exchange that runs on an EVM roll-up that rolls up to the Ethereum mainnet is now open for anyone to use. Traders who value options, and provenance of and by Ribbon Finance, had been looking forward to accessing the platform. LINK

  • Tapioca, an omnichain market builder DAO based in Cayman Islands have completed a $6M seed raise. They enable users to mint over-collateralized, and allegedly censorship resistant non-algorithmic US Dollar pegged stable coin. LINK

  • yearn finance rescue funds from a bricked Safe with EIP-1271. According to the Bunny Talisman of Yearn, 🐰 Banteg 🐰, a Yearn periphery contract utilized to manage treasury assets was affected, causing a Gnosis Safe to be bricked where any attempts to even overwrite the safe guard was impossible due to the nature of contracts, attack and some over-looked details in the past.

    However, it turns out that if you have approved any token transaction on CoWSwap prior to such an attack, you can form off-chain transactions and feed it into CoWSwap API off-chain, which eventually settles onchain. Contractual implications of this process is so promising (such as gas-free protocol-level interactions).

    There is also a bug bounty contract to the hacker. LINK

  • Volodya publishes a list of NFT attacks/ vulnerabilities. LINK

  • Prestwich to deploy a community-led deployment of Uniswap v4 on Goerli Ethereum testnet.LINK

  • Zeromorph Paper by Kohrita and Tova from Aztec Labs


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