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Recently, I’ve been thinking that if you cannot afford an intern, or OpenAI API costs too much for your knowledge and information rich world, you should just be your full-time auto-didact intern yourself. Hence, these posts should be seen as a roundup of some daily news, events, gossip and insights that I cared to share. You can also follow the flow here in this Marketual Reseach Unit Telegram channel.

Your average market participant

Meta SEC

Dan Romero points out to plain fact that many of us might have internalized thanks to the banality of information exchange across social platforms. Romero accentuates in a tweet that I read over Warpcast by Farcaster that all of the SEC vs. Coinbase happens in real time over Twitter. No wonders Roman used to frequent the forum a lot.

Sustainable Oracle Economics Are Critical to the Success of Web3

I’ve been reading a know-how post over the Chainlink website on the importance of sustainability when it comes to oracle economics. Lately, the organization has been criticized for having swapped tokens for expenditure. When people go harsh on teams who in actual deliver battle-tested standards across industries, I come to recall that “we live in a society.”

You can read the post here.

If a Web3 economy is to be sustainable, each layer of technology must earn fees from users and/or other layers, and then use those fees to support their continued operation.

LangChainAI Context-aware Text Splitting

There are a billion products that feed upon, and touch one another’s API, when it comes to Large Language Models (LLMs) and latest froth in AI. However, there are some tools and tool-chains that will survive any bubble thanks to the fact that they are already Lindy and have been utilizing some sort of a Cantillon effect by the robustness that came with that Lindiness.

LangChainAI is framework that helps LLMs to go composable. Their latest upgrade brings with a context-aware text splitting. You can get more info here.


There is an Ethereum Research proposal to increase the maximum validator limit to 2048 ETH—which is to say that the minimum required amount stays at 32 ETH. You can read the proposal here.

The security concerns thereof is addressed here. This proposal is open for the last two weeks. You can get more info from the Daily Gwei #598 where Sassal has already commented on it, starting from 00:12:58. Today, we have also an ongoing debate on the issue among some dev frendinoz.

DevConnect Istanbul Schedule Peek

Devconnet Istanbul is taking place from November 13 through 19, 2023. Attandees are lucky that it's in the downtowns of dowtowns. First draft of the schedule has been released. You can check it here

If you want to hold your own event, you can access the necessary information here.

Borrowers are here but where are the lenders?

Frank Chaparro interviews Clearpool CEO Robert Alcorn. Alcorn postulates that crypto-markets need regulation to mature, and, the borrowers are still here. It can be inferred from this talk that lenders are ready as long as an industry-wide trust is re-instated. Real-world Assets (RWA) is an evolving DeFi category that might utilize the blokchain infrastructure beyonD decentralized finance.

Maya Zehavi Takes on the Nature of Markets, Crypto-economics,CBDCs AI

This is one of the threads at which I felt at home when it comes to current state of the things regarding our complex-networked set of emergent and already-present industries, the final amalgamation of which will prolly re-share our DNA.

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