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When the seaghouls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.

People have lately been DM’ing me over Telegramm and Twitter a lot lately, asking whether I am directly affiliated with that protocol, or how much I am paid for my memenomics Crypto Art NFTs.

Let me answer these questions once and for all here:

a) I am not affiliated with any protocols. It is just that I believe in Ghouls, Dear Deceased Dustin, and the game theorical redistribution mechanics of $BASED in the first place since the launch, and I have happened to take the Alpha cue and ascended unto the SHITADEL.

b) Noone has paid me for any NFT memes so far. I just encounted a promising project and create, or produce mainly remixes, or collages of already existing media. As a sidenote, I can confirm that I have recently been approached by three different protocols for possible NFT farming commissions but they are still under discussion.

&, who am I exactly? I have already doxxed myself even to my Academia page, and been using my IRL photographs as avis. I am 32, and worked as a jack-of-all-trades in the contemporary art world, published many multi-media pieces either as solo or collabs in both online, & offline venues, magazines, etc alongside several exhibits.

Plus, I have an MA in Comparative Literature which culminated in a dissertation on the use cases of media labs for the preservation of digital and electric born literatures as well as early video-games. However, that dissertation was rather a propaganda piece for an unconditionally accelerating technological infrastructure for the evolutionary progress of homo sapiens sapiens.

No, I am not talking of a theory-gram transhumanist agenda. I am talking about watchmaking as now we can witness via per block time wonders of decentralized finance. &, yes neither NFTs nor DeFi is an end-product. They are the first concrete building blocks of that which we can term as self-sovereignity. Of a digital primordial soup in which many of us have just started to learn swimming. & some think that they can drink the entire bowl that would fill the Boötes Void, and cause more gravitational ripples in individual home economics.

$SQUID’s Ink: Prologue. It seems to be on sale for $ETH 6 on the secondary market.

Right before 2020 Xmas Eve, I got a job at comms agency for an internation hosting and domain provider, and prepping my yearly timeboxin’ marathon over Notion via Google Calender. Yes, I still use centralized tech for day-to-day plannings. But, I also keep my diary on my lil Urbit planet. Baby steps.

Among those plans was a probable PhD application for a STEMmish project on immutable archives, preservation of legacy human culture via on-chain nodes & their intergalactik beacons (as some entrepreneurs are already doing wisely, and which kind of resemble tangible NFT bazaar). Yet, right before the Coronachan decided to rest her wings over my region, I was laid off mainly because of the fact that I just couldn’t shut about blockchain technologies and how my client needed them. Yup, as it was communicated to me, it was the case. They couldn’t see the Black Swan of which they were keeping tweeting at all times.

Then, I decided not to pursue a PhD. Rather, I opted in for some $ETH. A very lil batch of it as much as my local currency could take hodl.

Love Your Automatic Market Maker (On Sale) unlocking some $ROPE & a domain

Around February, I was doing some reading into the Non-Fungible-Tokens, and came across a platform: Rarible dot com. I was already aware of marketplaces such as OpenSea dot io as I was closely watching crypto-puzzles experiments, large puzzle solver channels, and in-game evolutions thanks to the likes of Neon District et al. Some people I was following on social media were making breakthroughs as to the puzzles, and it was getting more promising. I knew what CryptoPunks were, and Autoglyphs were still mintable for $ETH 0.2 then. I didn’t care to take my chances. It was mainly because any gas spent would be equal to my weekly expenditure in my hometown. Such poverty mindset.

I decided to play along, and minted a couple of collages that I hand-made, and a couple of GIFs that I spent good amount of time, using my past art drafts in the cloud. They didn’t sell, none of my theory-gram frendinos were into the practical unconditional acceleration other than a handful who were already flipping Urbit planets, doing some scalp’n swing, and writing almost occultist templexical web books on $BTC etc.


My first weeks in the Crypto Art, or as I like to call it the Art, Scene was not that much of a wonder. I happened sell and buy lil’pricings. There weren’t even 3000 members on Rarible, and on OpenSea all I was doing was flipping ENS domains. They helped me earn some money for weekly expenditures, and it was all. I still did not see on-chain investments for possible future savings, and products.

Then, one day I saw a deflationary money protocol which made the headlines on the second work of its existence, $BTC maximalists whining why they did not invest in it when it cost lower than $USD 10 and all that jazz. However, the thing with $BASED was, has been, and is more $BASED than short-term gains.

Keys were burned, which means now it belongs to the community [sic].

There is a rebase feature forked via Ampleforth, which helped the redistribution through positive and negative rebases. I entered with a lil $ETH a day before the rebase, at $USD 500, and the next morning, the price of $BASED crushed from almost $USD 1000s to 6 or so. Poeple were whining, people were cursing since they just did not care to read the website. It wasn’t even a white paper, it was a paragraph long information that the protocol works on rebases. Since then, $BASED has been the anti-rug juice for those who both chase gains, and manage risks at the same time.


Back then, I was also in the $WAIF community. They were doing something well of a platform, and I was just looking out for zeros. Then, I wanted to do something with platform banners in them. It is not because of the loser mindset that I wanted to ride their hashtag yet due to the fact that I love to mingle with people via creative takes. Like it or not, I am a creative. As abovementioned, published in zillion scholarly and artistic venues. Let me boast a lil. This economy cannot hodl of being humble at all times. Then, I minted a NFT that salute both $BASED and $WAIF. It gave away some $WAIF to the collector. It sold in 40 minutes. I started doing the same around concepts and each time I made sure that I also giveback. My average price NFTwise increased from $ETH .5 to 1.69. If you know you know, based.

Then, I started non-stop social media marketing, which I do not regret since I do not belong in any “social token”, or auction channels by choice, I needed to do it alone, and I did it to a degree.

In the meantime, I made NFTs hommaging to the concepts of $ROPE, $HATE, $LOVE. For the latter two, if you think I am playing the IRL cults’ play, all I can say to you is to get a life. On the 6th month of my NFT journey, I was getting into the degenomics.


I won’t provide details as to the pumpanomics voyage of myself since it is easy for anyone to follow the alpha leaks, and reach groups and channels where honest degen nodes guide each other to the art of not getting rekt. Yes, the very same plurality of Crypto Art circles exist there, too: Bad nodes, and honest nodes as do in each and every kind of civilizations, either on your face or behind the closed doors.

In the meantime, public DeFi figures and known NFT flippers, and some artists, started to shill our favorite platforms, and for instance, Rarible tripled its members from 3000 to 10000 in an overtone window of almost only 2 months. In the meantine, I finally got verified as an artist. Kudos.

Everyone is bad, I am honest, a couple of my close fam.

Nope, don’t be ridiculous. Late Bronze Age collapse did not discriminate among people. All gone. Then, we are still in the late stages of Roman Terminus Festival. You know we just mark our own hodlings, and are willing to trade them for more gains within the evolutionary dating economy and selective matchmaking. It is not bad. &, telling such anecdotes do not make a social darwinist.

Wash trading has been here since the beginning. Even some of those who openly oppose it now, or use it as a weapon, did it. Not only one specific platform. Yes, there are more greedy folks who do it, and get caught in the open. Yes, there are bad nodes who think NFTsphere is another domain open to mammoth scalping.

Yet, I need to postulate that a wash trading practice needs not to be an unofficial enterprise. Several legit circles, and groups do it in the name of mutual ascendence. Some do it to allure off-chain enterprises. It is just that it is in accordance with the book.

& I must say that Degens are not here for the first time. Some of degens have been on Crypto Art scenes for more than you can account for yourselves, and they have been collecting art. Some did art, and did well. But:

The situation is not that decentralized finance come to a dead end, and folks thereof are flocking into the NFTsphere.

Neither NFTs nor DeFi are two different domains. They, on an evolutionary analogy, feed on each other. It is just that NFT farming just happened to be. Thanks to the milestones on DeFi, people were able to add value to NFTs, or vice versa.

NFTs, and DeFi. They are not only about collectibles of all sort, crypto arts, games, and the like. They are just the early examplaries of a self-sovereign system where both individuals and patchworks (Citadels, DAOs, Social Tokenomics, Chartered Digital Cities, etc.) are trying to find about a way whereby personal data governance, and wealth accumulation will be at the hands of the risk-managing individuals themselves.

Currently, Ethereum blockchain is doing it the best. Thanks to that “doing well” stance, now we see multi-chain producst and protocols.

Ours is a play-ground where we not only find about cocneptualizations that either solve existing problems within the expanded field of DeFi that includes NFTs, and art; but also we find novel questions to investigate the means towards betterment where it will be Rendered unto Caesar, and which will help exit from the Roman Pantheon once and for all before any collapse. Watch the low flying rocks for example. Elon did not only send a car into the space.

I don’t take sides, and I will not take sides. Some call it centrist, some call it selfish. No, I just now how to take risk for myself, and guide others into the art of not getting rekt.

How would you know? Well, I have references. Lulz.

….enuff for today. To be Rebased.

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