DONs, AI, ZK are the future stack.

That is, the liquidity of traditional markets, either via retail or institutions will not hop into our industries. It is rather the fact we will be replacing their consensus, execution, value-transfer and organizational infrastructures—which is how you onboard the next billion user meme into reality.

Like it or not:

  1. Cryptographically secured economies, not necessarily solely those of crypto-economics and its current retarded markets (CT, DeFi, Weeb3, NFTs and the like) will undergo another Cambrian explosion of novel probabilities thanks to unconditionally accelerating AI and privacy-by-design (zero knowledge technologies).

  2. At this semi- and certainly not yet sufficiently- decentralized economies of ours, majority of infrastructure + consensus + execution are concentrated within a range of benevolently dictating network clusters, and it is not a bad thing. Hence, it will be thanks to competent marketual actors that we will see better contractual innovation that will replace the traditional markets. That is, the liquidity of traditional markets, either via retail or institutional will not hop into our industries. It is rather the fact we will be replacing their consensus, execution, value-transfer and organizational infrastructures, which is how you onboard the next billion user meme into reality.

  3. Traditional and officious agencies of conventional governance bodies such as federal governments, nation states, or any bureaucratic organization in their respective jurisdictions, legality, and most of the times alegality because of ambivalent borders of systemic comprehension during such civilizational level tectonic shifts are not yesteryear’s illiterate bunch of board of trustees who just want a sip of single malt and big fat cigar. They outsource the technological, tactical, engineering-level, technical etc. jobs among your friends who build factual and workable solutions to the disruptions caused your not-yet-understood Ford Model T. That’s why your head is full of horses. Also, this is why you see an abundance of AI doomers, safety and ethics experts who only has a degree in literature or olive gardening.

  4. Hence, you will be in need of standardized oracles, AI enterprises that act in accordance with current governance bodies to a degree. It is a somewhat slow-paced approach. However, otherwise, any grifter such as those offer that we should end ourselves just because of their fan-fiction phantasmagorias will have already hijacked the representatives who are as dull as they themselves are.

  5. Cryto-economics and AI complement each other at the trust minimization level, and if you are boringly FUDding against anyone who want to do a decent job around these, you cannot see into the near future where we will need them the most to be able to SUSTAIN AND MAINTAIN THIS DECENTRALIZATION DREAM THAT HAS HELPED MANY OF US, ESPECIALLY THOSE OF US FROM THE GLOBAL SOUTH, A SENSE OF SOVEREIGNTY.

Crypto Twitter is full of Resenters who pass as OG

I am a live-your-life-to-the-fullest maximalist. I bet there is a simple and catchy term with some exotic sounding phonetics for this approach, about which I really don’t care right now as I am about to sip my Monsoon rain + Jasmine Pearl + French Lavender tea at 11:33 a.m..

However, there are plethora of nuances when it comes to, for example, crypto-economics and AI that people will not ever get, or will always pretend not to get. Markets are a blend of behavioral and efficient actions by agents that might, or not, be who you paint in your mind paint to be.

Crypto Twitter to this end is a very good gulag-level monastery and a camp—everyone is a drift sergeant. Usually, you expect drift sergeants to be the most rational agents there. No, these Crypto Twitter folks are just life-long rookies.

They are not all different from the yellow-check BAYC pfp ruggers. Most of the times. When it comes to the mindset.

I am not talking about only the average trader—protocol level geniuses turn out to be awkward brawlers day by day

It is understandable that a person might not comprehend the full-stack picture of an emergent-economy, its markets, honest and bad actors at the same time. It is also known that there are a lot of grifters who firstly opposed and slandered honest crypto efforts prior to Q3 2021, and then they become of Ph.Ds in NFTs who wrote, theorized, and acted on this extremely valuable rare chain elements markets as early as 2500 B.C. Some of them are now coping as AI experts, however, that is not the point.

We are in the middle of an evolutionary shift thanks to unprecedented advances in cryptography, economics, computing and Artificial Intelligence, and you should probably understand it.

I am not a maxi. As I stated in the introduction, I’d like to live my life to the fullest Epicureanist deligthedliness on Earth whilst also growing CBum muscles, maintaining a healthy mental state in some ultra-developed geography where people do not meddle with others’ bizness as do they either in SWJistans or fundamentally religious societies that the former still help thrive.

Hence, I have always wanted to do a thing in the crypto-economics side, and as a freelancer, it’s my 4th year. I like even when the slopes are slippery, and no I am not a tpot guy.

Now, AI is blossoming. For some of us, it was a wish. We’d been awaiting for this spiky turn for about a decade now. Our senior shitpoasters for a score and half.

However, everyday, all I just see is pure cope, resentment, species-level FUD. You do not need to know any about of this stuff. Nor do I.

However, I can reach your profile on Crunchbase, and your Twitter bio, or personal statement somewhere state that you are working towards THE BETTERMENT OF ALL.

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