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Tell yer frenz Im $BASED GENERATE, #audio #visual #NFTs | #cryptoart [process'd w/ audio #synth, track is #generative] part of my #tokenomics novel Exclusive to @rariblecom Unlocks a 4K @Vimeo #Video #Art #DeFi #Singularity…


12:48 PM ∙ Nov 4, 2020


'Twas but the obliged evolutionary will of the Swarm with which they were able to transcend the plane beyond HHH aka 3H aka hate, human, hours.

As some of you are already aware of the progress, I am doing a pre-sale campaign for a novel of which I am in the progress of pitching, market research, and character pursuit. That is, it will be a polyphonic novel with a tokenomics of its own, and I need at least 10 characters.

These 10 character spots are on sale via a Rarible non-fungible. Plus, there are 3 variations of a lottery for an 11th side-kick via my own verified DECIMALS frontstore at OpenSea.

Since every “good” work of art requires a sort of a snackable peak as to the aesthetics, I have just started penning little entrances thereof—which I thought to be lacking tangible aesthetics, and hence our intro: GENERATE: $GC69.

An audio-visual non-fungible collectible. I have processed the video through a visual synthesizer emulator in an Apple II graphical interface, and the audio track thereof is a generative piece. No, I am not sharing the source code yet, sorry ;)

Feel free to spread the word for would-be interested art investors and collectors with whom I can also negotiate a cameo in the novel itself upon their purchase of this work of art.

Have a beateous day, stay hydrated, and don’t be a bear.

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