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I am a former academic who has a MA in Comparative Literature as well as an internationally published, and exhibited multi-media artist. I wrote a dissertation on the function and importance of media laboratories for the preservation of born-digital literatures — which urged me to start on a Ph.D. proposal for the outer space data maintenance in terms of human legacy which waltzed with nano-writing, and the like.

However, I quit academy since I highly think that times are not mature enough within the expanded field of humanities for analytical thinking, and diversity of ideas.

Instead, I started to take my theories into practice, and embarked upon the DeFi journey, firstly hopping on the cryptographically registred art aka crypto art wagon in January 2020.

I have been creating memenomics aka non-fungibles that comment on the evolutionary aspects of decentralized finance ecology, swarm behavioural economy of homo sapiens thereabouts — which have been acquired by various collectors up to $ETH 1.69 per item so far.

You may find related links to my profiles here, including my OpenSea verified DECIMALS store, and verified Rarible account:

Wut iz GHOUL CITY 2069?

No, it is not another sandbox resource management game that aims to moonbeam poor critters into the skies by forlornly Herculean meta-duties. It is a novel that will be published in June, 2021 at the earliest.

As aforementioned, I am creative who is obsessed with story-rich realities, in that, I hold the firm belief that innovation needs reality-crafting aka hyperstition.

What is the main abstraction?

The year 2020 is but a hypno-spatial reality VR Headset game released in the year of 1994. Mainly, our day, the DeFi “summer” will be at play here.

So, you are basically selling a novel on the chain?

Kinda. However, “by purchasing the NFT” [as above] so below at the end of this text, you will be granted access to a core community of characters who will be shaping the frame story together for the next 3 months upon the sale of the entire edition 10/10.

Each of the first 10 collectors will be characterized in the novel aka immortalized on the chain.

PLUS, there is an innate tokenomics game to be played here. The first 10 collectors, and I myself will be designing a token that will be representing the novel whose liquidity pool will be locked for 169 years.


I have several models in mind. First of all, the tokenomics of the novel will be a low cap one. Supply will be 69 ever to exist. Yes, $BASED vibes.

First 10 collectors will be airdropped 1.69 of the token itself once the novel and the token itself are ready to be published (3 to 7 months from now on.)

A private 2nd presale via a legitimate channel will be held 1 [token] : 1.169 $ETH.

I will not own more than %3.33 of the entire supply.

Liquidity will be locked for 169 years.


I have always wanted to utilized evolutionary financial technologies and their side “affects” such as tokenomics are narrative devices is all. So, rn I am basically selling shares as character per $ETH 1. It does not guarantee a multisig, however, you will be one of the elders within the novel itself, and have a say as to how it is to be shaped. More details to come forth hereabouts soon. Stay tuned. If you wanna buy the NFT now….


Yes, first 10 collectors, and the subsequent presale buyers each will be also be dropped a GumRoad, or Patreon link for a digital edition. Also, there will be an arrangement to make sure that the very same contributors will be sent a physical copy of the novel with even more airdrops physically engraved therein.

OK, SO YOU NEED $ETH 10 to jumpstart?!

Yes, I do.

So, if you want to invest now, please reach out to me with your txn hash, and I will be adding you to the private TG group first:

Thank you for reading. You can buy the presale as a NFT here or here.



Memenomics, Tokenomics, Evolution

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