Honestly, against Proof-of-Humanity

I live in a city that is probably larger and more crowded than your entire home country. We need not argue about it. Recently, I’ve been busy and I know that is none of your business. However, I like to receive noice news whilst getting even busier.

Yesterday, as Berk and I were walking from Taksim to my neighbourhood, I realized an anon fren of mine wrapped a good shout-out on a new media curation protocol called JPG—rather, their Substack.

I was browsing the concept around what JPG is during the Loot Project craze, and it all reminded me of my Zielinski nights during the late MA diss bull-writing period.

Their 0xth exhibit is so good, I believe, Kittler would be delighted.

Whatever, we’ll delve into the nature of on-chain curation protocols in the upcoming weeks. It won’t be here but the piece will be copied here, too. I have registred memenomics dot xyz and that will be my main hub from when I will announce it then on.

The reason why I am typing at this scissor keyboard of MacBook Pro at 02:20 rather than that of that is that iRig Keys I/O is that Gabagool (henlö, T) made me happy by sharing my previous call on a Conceptual Art DAO—&, the main logic rewiring it being that we should just John Cage the hell outta this rides on-chain.

JPG ⏳🧂 @______jpg______

A fully LARPed new edition of the JPG newsletter is out. @gabagooldoteth co-wrote a dialogue with @MPtherealmvp through which they weigh down on anonymity, LARPing and IRL with @1ofthemanymatts @framergence @prrfbeauty @3wordsproject @ogcrystals + more

jpg100.substack.comCome one, come all, anons - this is the LARP edition of the JPG newsletterFor this new installment, we’re welcoming guest writer Gabagool, OpenSea sleuth, FlowerToken cheerleader, and NFT collector.

2:01 PM ∙ Sep 13, 2021



I minted a longevity worshipping NFT as dedicated to Vi:

Twitter avatar for @0xgokhan

gokhan.eth | giga bvgatti 🚀🧬💾🦇🔊 @0xgokhan

"Against Proof-of-Humanity" a micro-story, dedicated to @VitalikButerin, minted on @ourZORA (kind of a shower thought where Neo-China arrives from the future). zora.co/gokhan/4843


9:39 PM ∙ Sep 14, 2021

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