I am in for the Immortality, or #nfts

Alright, I strongly believe and foresee that, in some near future, we will be able to purchase our longevity related accessories, and conference tickets (at least) in the form of non-fungible tokens. I also believe that we will be time-travelling using body vaults parsecs away, let’s say, on an Andromeda pit-stop, to mint ourselves into other universes.

Wait till Thiel funds Grey’s Longevity Hub on Ethereum:

Aubrey de Grey @aubreydegrey

I now think there is a 50% chance that we will reach longevity escape velocity by 2036. After that point (the "Methuselarity"), those who regularly receive the latest rejuvenation therapies will never suffer from age-related ill-health at any age.

8:29 PM ∙ Mar 14, 2021


Currently, DAOs and LAOs are to DeFi what the so-called crypto-art is to NFTs. It is all a huge petri-dish. Like those tasty Bancor pools.

No, this is not a Pynchon book at all. That which we have been enjoying, and no-coiners have been observing is a Thiel lecture with airdrops.

Crypto (Twitter) is brimming with technical analyst who do not get it all about either money or the tech; and, those who cope already know that those who are in it for the tech have made much more Denarius than many self-acknowledging apes. The former are the real degens. They also happen to buidl.

I say petri-dish in that, in the last 6 months alone, the NFT-sphere has been able to lure in many minds. Even Saltz, who is after the conceptual bread after not having bought Ether below $300 is coping hard 🤡:

Twitter avatar for @jerrysaltz

Jerry Saltz @jerrysaltz

Most NFT so far is either Warhol Pop-y; Surrealism redux; animated cartoon-y; faux-Japanese Anime; boring Ab-Ex abstraction; logo swirling around commercial; cute/scary giff; glitzy screensaver; late Neo-conceptual NFT about NFT-ism. All Of those are NFT Zombie Formalism. D.O.A.

12:59 PM ∙ Apr 5, 2021


He doesn’t know what he is talking about is my only wish for him.

As once did the entire crypto-art sphere lynch dear Crypto Finally when she minted that she was in it for the money; any blockchain OG, as long as they are on Ehereum, have the right to diss the crowds whose resenttiment have a thicker skin in the game.

Anyways, several of my fav performers/ artists/ fashionistas are on the chain nowadays including Viktoria Modesta, Karina Akopyan, Gucci, I also wanna buy a Bob Bassett mask as a nft. send him the news gals.

What are we bidding on this week?


Who do we subs to?


What do we long?

C’mon. We are no Beeple. Surely, ETH. The Ultra Sound Money.

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