I have been tinkering with the Writing NFTs since before it was hijacked.

I spend most of my time reading, and as Žižek once attested for himself, I read everything. I have not understood it? I read it again.

This week, I’ve been reading heavily on Ethereum equivalence via Taiko’s documentation, some MEV mathematics, and governance specifics.

I usually share my readings in real time in one of the Warpcast channels I am hosting, that is /openfinance to be precise.

I thought that sharing some insights here and there would be nice—again. The only tiring thing is that I feel the need to publish these on the following platforms at all times: XMirror (I like Mirror—say whatever), Paragraph (for Farcaster integration, and I like their writing oriented aesthetics reminiscent of early blog tools), Medium (to reach a wider audience who are not reading/ writing interface fetishists), LinkedIn (yes, I like to act civilized at times) on its all pretentiousness, sometimes even on Cent for my early crypto-art friends who are still losts somewhere, sometimes, I share my pieces to Gemini protocol (not the exchange) speficic CLI webrings. I also need to make sure that these are shared to my dozen Telegram groups and channels, alongside my Discord audience.

This is all tiring. I’d pay for a RSS-feed creator that automatically creates a frontend and publish it to all of these channels via some sort of a mechanism like this HackMD interface that I am currently typing on have with Arweave.

I know that I can readily set up a system of my own and create that funnel. But, I’d rather build a personal memex in that time that is required to be wasted there.

That is to say, I do not want to turn into a human-readable human-RSS feed myself.

Yes, I also have some writing collections across Zora and Base let alone the Optimism. I have been tinkering with the Writing NFTs since before it was hijacked.

Anyways, let me finish these readings, and I will prepare a short post on them.

Stay hydrated, and liquid.

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