Introducing GOSSIP: Collector's Trauma



GOSSIP is the FOUNDER ERC-721 token of the GOSSIP community, that is, a speculative art market gossip community with token-gated chat rooms, and future content where we play language games, and gossip about Crypto-Twitter figures in general.

FYI, It is a tabloid with interactive and high quality content that puts forth the integrity of individuals, communities, DAOs and other entities up to the front before anything else.


  1. There’s never a roadmap in that this community-in-prod promises nothing in the first place other than pure gossip whose only rational stance might at times be flowing from the discussions on prediction markets as merely gibberish speculative realist object-oriented meta-ontological wordsmithery that would only provide street smart alpha to those starving and aspiring artist friends, and their collectors without any future promise of a DAO.

  2. There will firstly be a token-gated Discord server which can be reach through this link. Other agorae of congregation for the GOSSIPERS will be determined through an in-Discord poll.

  3. The token-gated content will vary in form, content, and media, and price etiquette. Whilst some content will be made available for free to FOUNDER token holders with a preview thereof for general public, some other content will be priced if a need arises to meet the standards of counter-parties included during the process of creation, production, and distribution. There will also be showcases where a partial allocation of a paid content will be freely airdropped to token holders whereas the rest of that edition will be made available for purchase by the OUTSIDERS.

  4. The Founder Tokens are priced at the initial price of ◊0.069. A quarter of all the proceedings will be allocated to the GOSSIP Treasury for future partnerships.

  5. GOSSIP will not make any partnerships with those who make no sense at all.

    Welcome weary traveler.

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