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It’s been a while since I have jabbered over Substack. It is mainly because of the fact that the bloghouse tedium and ennui of written word for the screen applies itself to the fingers of the author. To break that boredom, I need to write on a beta feeling platform which is all the alpha.

Hence I have been writing over Mirror lately—as in writing writing where I just do not try to produce conceptual texts playing with the mediocre, or exciting, media. I have written on some music NFTs by in actual murmuring and mumblecoring on audio-visual arts onchain. It is still in experimentation period. Here you can find the links:

gokhan.eth 💾🧬🚀🦇🔊 @0xgokhan

PLAYLIST 5:… 4:…: 3:… 2:… 1:

mirror.xyzPLAYLIST #1As I am sitting in a smart contract that is slightly more robust than the one in which you choose to be inhabit, and theorize upon data types and agentic instances, I have been also thinking about Xenakis’ love of physical exercise, and Varga’s fixation on the former’s glass eye as if I am there, an…

9:48 AM ∙ Jul 4, 2022

Other than that, I was interviewed by W. M. Peaster of Metaversal at Bankless, and JPG. You may find the interview link here:

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JPG (pronounced jpeg) @______jpg______

Let's talk curation! @WPeaster interviewed the esteemed @0xgokhan, super user, conceptual artist and curator, and let us say, top meme couturier as well :)

jpg.mirror.xyzLet’s Talk Curation #2 | GÖKHANWelcome back to Let’s Talk Curation, a new series in which JPG interviews some of our community’s leading curators in order to learn more about their work and how they approach curation.

4:01 PM ∙ Jun 28, 2022


Other than that, this week I like that seed phrase poetry generator, and been studying coding from ground 0 so that I can write one of those for on-chain mesostics—one day. It kind of takes time to learn to code when all you did was studying what others wrote as in comparative literature.

As per platform mumblecore, I really like what Erik wrote about Substack. It really is such a piece that anyone loquaciously gibberish preaching on web3, writing and decentralization should read about—as per UI, I prefer Curve, iykyk.

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Erik Hoel @erikphoel

Network effects drive content-sharing sites like YouTube, making them the default. @SubstackInc has now reached the tipping point of being the default for writers. And no one is prepared for the advantages its network effects will bring to writing

erikhoel.substack.comAll writing is centralizing onto SubstackThe network effect of Big Tech comes for words

2:31 PM ∙ Jun 22, 2022




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