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Smarty Knoweth what LOOT is.

4'33" (for Adventurers)

note: i wasn’t aware of the existence of The Herald (for Loot) Substack till the halvening of my own draft. What I do below is very similar to their Week 1 post.

In essence, Spencer Noon’s below tweet brews all there is to be said on that which is the Loot Project by a co-founder of Vine, and dev of Blitmap among other projects:

Spencer Noon 🕛 @spencernoon

Loot created a new category: Mass Multiplayer Online Metaverse Making MMOMM for short

6:10 PM ∙ Sep 4, 2021


A non-human Zen master might posit one day that Mass Multi-player Online Metaverse Making was the coordinapion that was needed for our species to meet the requirements of longevity escape velocity.

0x: Lil’Intro

I am aware that there is proliferation of content on everything Loot Project by any media available nowadays. It is also kind of absurd and ironic to time-stamp such a statement with an adverb such as nowadays.

As of today, Loot Project is only 8 days old, and notable figures within the Crypto-Twitter (CT), and beyond are calling these times as post-LOOT era. Those who do not own an OG Loot Bag, and some with either biases/ lack of knowledge against/ in the base layer of technological accelerator, namely Ethereum keep critiquing the Loot Project by all means possible.

All I can state here as a non-coder-yet-nerd-researcher (with that background in academy, that is, a Comparative Literature MA) is that LOOT has opened the gates towards the Westworld of smart contracts—nay, Dr. Robert Ford is indeed a humanitarian, and Nick Land has no say in this in that he is a stubborn Bitcoiner.

Anyway, I try to point out to some important Twitter threads, and Substack posts. I am aware there are many an insight on the situation, and was also writing another piece on LOOT, I lost the track. If there are any worthwhile resources out there in any media, please do comment below so that I can update the post.

0) Loot Project Links

  • Website—where you can also reach approved LOOT derivatives (aye, LOOT is a sandbox modulation engine on which you can fork sandboxes of sandboxes) & many an intriguing tools that feedback or modulate your OG Loot Bag(so).

  • Substack: Herald—Seems they’ve already done what I’ve been trying to do in my drafts in Bear and Roam Research.

  • Forum: Loot Talk—better than having to excavate the depths of Loot Discord Server for proposals and developments.

1) [Blog]posts on Loot Project

2 ) Tweets that Mattereth

I own a single OG LOOT BAG. That would be #2907. &, it all started with me whilst browsing my preferred notifications on Twitter late at night with a Leshner take:

Twitter avatar for @rleshner

Robert Leshner @rleshner

This is a brilliant idea, and nails the spirit of composability. A successful ecosystem likely requires way more bags (maybe 100k-1M), but hopefully this serves as a meta verse proof of concept ⚔️

Twitter avatar for @dhof

dom @dhof

LOOT - randomized adventurer gear - no images or stats. intentionally omitted for others to interpret - no fee, just gas - 8000 bags total opensea: https://t.co/qSnRJ1FD0n etherscan: https://t.co/bF9p0RSHX2 available via contract only. not audited. mint at your own risk https://t.co/uLukzFayUK

3:23 AM ∙ Aug 28, 2021


That was the moment I headed for OpenSea and grabbed my bag at 0.08 ETH. I have always liked anything that incorporates tech, textuality and a ludology of its own; and, as someone who is Udemy’ing the Solidity, the below tweet intrigued me even more:

Twitter avatar for @rleshner

Robert Leshner @rleshner

@scottjenson @worm_emoji @zoink @lootproject Most NFTs are an “image”. What sets LOOT apart is that there are smart-contract readable parameters for each of the inventory slots, so that games and experiences can be built on top. Imagine logging into World of Warcraft with your LOOT—which is different from everyone else’s.

3:13 AM ∙ Aug 30, 2021


So, I decided to hodl. I am still hodling my bag—It took me countless worst flips and sales regarding each type of asset on-chain; from my own creations to shitcoins to gems a la NFTs. So, henlö diamond hand. Below tweet is also a LOOT 101 thread with which I am closing this post since Substack will 404 on further elongation thereof. Please visit the above-linked forum on the future of Loot, Synth Loot (I prefer it to mLoot) and AGLD.

Twitter avatar for @tandavas

tandavas.eth 👘 @tandavas

This is what I have been SUPER EXCITED about... It's @dhof and his creations: @blitmap @sugarthegame @supdrive, and most importantly @lootproject ❤️ Loot is something different. It's something that has never been done before ever. It's a paradigm shift in NFT space. Thread 👇


8:30 PM ∙ Aug 31, 2021


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