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mbeAMM the Story: Part 1 is primarily an interactive market research. As some of you are already familiar with my line of thinking, an innovation with limited resources for the time being; I am going to be releasing an on-chain novel with a tokenomics of its own—which is currently titled GHOUL CITY 2069.

I am currently selling character spots as shares for $ETH 1 per spot thereof, so that I can fund the project from the very start. Starting from the very first collector, we will open up a Discord channel where the characters will be woven together with the irl personæ thereof aka the collectors themselves. This 10 individuals will also be able to “help” me steer the direction of the frame story without being able to morally influence it outside the boundaries of their own characters.

Well, now I just want to bring forth attention during such a saturated NFT market phase to this project of mine, and released a 5-page short story in the form of .pdf via my Gumroad profile.

An edition of 3 NFT has been minted to give it away to the on chain collectors while 2 editions have been spared for off-chain ones.

If you prefer to buy it on the chain, it only costs $ETH 0.75 while the off-chain price is $USD 400, which is about $ETH 1 today.

The 5 collectors thereof will be put on a list for randomized lottery, and the winner will be spared an 11th character, and invited to the private server. Plus, all 5 collectors will be sent the rest of the mbeAMM short story series on a weekly basis.

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