Memenomics Daily #2

🏴 Bankless members have already had the early access to this one, and now you can also eavesdrop their discussion with Vitalik Buterin myriad Ethereum topics including Layer 2, social recovery, and the like:

  • LedgerStatus.eth interviews Sushi core dev Keno, and the fun reader Boring Crypto on the evolution of Sushiswap

  • Three Arrows and DeFiance Capital join $12M Balancer Series A

  • rubberjesus provides full transcriptt of Nazarov at ETHDenver

  • William M. Peaster reflects on the non-fungibles ecosystem

  • BadgerDAO partners up with Yearn Finance

  • coreDEX, and Delta Finance glimpse

  • Flynn cameos on Bankless on the future of education, on-chain work, and reputation

  • Brutha Sassal, banteg et al. discuss BSC, forks, and gas specifics:

banteg @bantg

@sassal0x @lawmaster Centralized setups can handle very high gas limit, e.g. GoChain has been running with a 136.5m gas limit and 5s block time (27m gas/s) with 21 nodes. BSC uses the same number of nodes but 3s block time (10m gas/s). Ethereum runs at 12.5m gas limit and 13s time (1m gas/s).

1:29 PM ∙ Feb 10, 2021


  • 0xmons dev updates on Hashies’ nameswapper repo:

  • Lindsay Lohan empowers it by minting an NFT on Rarible

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