My Twitter Account Got Suspended

For the last day, I’ve been using ProtonVPN Plus to secure-root route my connection because I was not able to access Twitter, and several crypto-related websites such as Zerion, and Messari from Istanbul. Also, the Optimistic Ethereum scan.

As I was trying to understand social media scrapers, i just typed in the most basic Python line when it comes to scrapers…

..and gone. Yes, I have Lens, I have Farcaster, and it is good to own your social graph. However, I’d rather pay to own my Twitter graph to Elon in that I grew that humble account over the course of 3 years into a sincere communication channel of my own.

The human fallacy section of the Twitter says they will reach me in 5-7 days. I know it will take longer in that humans are lazy.

In the meantime, please do follow me at gigabvgatti—any other username that starts with 0xgokhan has nothing to do with me (apparently they’re also named Gökhan, a very pop Turkish forename that means the Ruler of the Heavens):

0XGOKHAN ALT @gigabvgatti

this is @0xgokhan. @elonmusk, are you aware that your system locks accounts who need to hop among VPN hotspots because of you know whys?

12:27 AM ∙ Feb 10, 2023


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