non-fungibility of the idea as a work of art

As above, so On-chain.

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non-fungibility of the idea as a work of art

1) People, “also known as,” collectors and creators/ artists seem to be playing with conceptual art on-chain lately. 

2) Those who produce conceptual art works on-chain have been around longer than many a self-acknowledging degen, or moguls with punk pfps.

3) Punks are alright, keep reading.

4) Conceptual art is teaching people from different backgrounds how to play with ideas, concepts and the problems that these concepts try to resolve, or questions that can be derived thereabouts—we like derivates.

5) After all, it is not about file formats. File formats are for developers, archivists, and yes for everyone. However, as I have just quipped, it is not about the file format. 

6) People mistake strategies for bad intentions and call any collector who have just started to “see” some life-changing moneyness. Leave the guys alone. You will understand one day before long.

7) Why numberings? Why not dots? Is he trying to tell me something? Nay. It is just easier to write in this fashion this morning.

8) Isn’t it what some call a draft? I really do not care. I stopped distinguishing drafts from the finales in 2017 when I handed my MA dissertation off that organ called brain.

9) Alright, rewind. I’d like to suggest that on-chain creation (minting), and collecting practices teach people how to experiment with concepts. 

10) It is because they find resolutions to some of the questions they had been engaged with for some. 

11) I have been approached by many an anon account on Discord, Twitter and Telegram about alphas on Conceptual Art pieces especially after the proliferation of value accrual through the artworks by Mitchell Chan, Sarah Meyohas, and Rhea Myers—all of whom had already been here before any of us in terms of non-fungibility of the idea as a work of art.


The play-element within cultures across constellations of networks on, especially, the Ethereum blockchain is a magic circle —yup, as in Huizinga’s terms. It is not necessarily the mass hyperverse .txt adventures that help us coordinape among the routes towards an indelible archive of our species—disclaimer: I own a Loot Bag, and I think what Andre is doing with Rarity on FTM is needed here and now.

…&, many who might have had to thumbs down and mock conceptual art before the emergence of a web 3.0/ metaverse oriented idea-machines that mechanomically marry human dev + base layer sandboxing a la slime mould among the circuitry beauties (Solidity) do now embrace it. It is because concepts free the human mind as long as they touch the ground.

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