On DAOs & Competitive Governance 1

Alright, people are right that we are still building this city even though some of us tend to use the past tense for a constantly emergent set of systems of governance, and becoming through decentralized finance ecosystem—especially that of Ethereum ◊ leveraging human beings against entropy with a more-than, or non-human future of possibilities.

Lately, DAOs (some of which are in fact LAOs) are under the radar of the average DeFi denizen, including even the fresh figures on the non-fungibles hills themselves. Many cultivated brains run Twitter rants nowadays regarding DAOs, and the like with takes such as they are an existential threat to Venture Capital as it is now.

Yup, they are right. But, such takes consolidate around a non-uttered notion that DAOs are to be there to replace several organellas of general human organizational schemes.

The thing is that DAOs will accelerate the phase of competitive governance to the degrees that they will be the ripple effect in the traditional societal organizations, and many have passed the Rubicon. There is nothing the conventional governance models can do against them except for one by one start subscribing to their choice of DAOs as citizens, for we are at the dawn of start-up societies a la patchworking.

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