On the Boring and Artificial Tokenomics of NFTs vs the Lack of Genuine Time-Based Token Plays

The most boring part of the time-based open NFT editions that can be repurposed to any economical model once the mint period has ended is that they just try to emulate primitives and features that had already been executed as ERC20s, and derivatives thereof—without innovation, except for a few.


It is artificial.

We are yet to see an NFT or SFT (that is a Semi-Fungible) that will act and execute these on the contract level without giving away the tokenomics-design-based code of law via any governance or social intervention.

Those who are well-versed on the social plays inherent through CT would recall those Yield Wars days where we used to pool our WAR tokens as if staking on individuals and teams during games such as YFI WAIFUS vs BASED GHOULS, Degen Spartan, esq. vs Crypto Finally etc.

During that hot summer of generational wealth farming, there were also degen tokens where a couple of thousand people used to agree on the fact that the liquidity will be locked only for 3 hours, and the token will live only three hours.

Degenomics. Pure.

Now, these are rather genuine time-based media unlike the artificially marketed theorycel media studies import ideations over boring NFTs where it's daylight clear multiple teams who think they think better than anyone else as in the aisles of Humanities, or the pub of an NGO, just kind of collude together to rent fees across the shallow liquidistan.

Been lingering on a lot lately on the onchain/ inchain mechanisms of the media, that is the smart contract as the artwork itself, without any aesthetic promise, just as an idea guy, and I am really open to exchange ideas about the playability of time-based pure pumpanomics with all the stern professionalism of an accountable individual. come to that Conceptual Art Discord that I opened 2 years ago. I'll set the price of this piece at 3 USD or so to repel the bots, and we can do a tokenomics brainstorming together.

I am utterly bored by the Figmaization of the truly evolutionary cryptographically secured solutions to myriad local knowledge problems.


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