#Ordinals Commissioner Galleries and R&D Team Proposal

This is a pure shower-thought that I in actual type as I am kind of having chills because of the harsh Winter wind outside next to a window in my living-room whilst having a good mornt coffee.

Nothing essential happens in the absence of noise.

Jacques Attali


0. An Introductory Mumblecore that You are Obliged to Read.

👍 There is a misreading in the room that misreads itself.

Up until recently, echo chambers and epistemic bubbles across primary, and righteously primeval, blockchain-based networks such as Ethereum, and Bitcoin repeatedly had fought a kindergarten fog of war on artistic, cultural, and financial tranches of our lil’evolution on an idea and prophesy markets level, and in its volatile soirées—which was nice to have ridden as a sentiment bazaar of daily longs and shorts 🧸.

According to my calculations, and transparent blockspace and mempool data through the dark ocean 🕳️ of what’s left of that slimy dark mempool forest 🖤, we have neither efficient nor behavioral markets.

🫠 All that jazz we are left with is pure retarded marketsᵀᴹ. 🫠

In retarded markets, value-extractors condescendingly assert, and have a dogmatically firm belief in, that they know what is best for the petri dish that they think any society is whilst calling a sample size of millions of participants a community.

They are also not alone in their pursuit of artificial truth hence pro-grifters that paved the ramshackle bistros of both on- and off-chain low-rider casinos have already re-written the history of mainnet BTC non-fungibles, and started to run user-friendly block-container pawn-shops that protrude the rarest high school MFA class incantations that think Pynchon was a Luddite in all aesthetics.

Have you seen what they have done to Curve and Etherscan’s UI? I blame these guys.

Ethereum was a smol polis that rage-quit from the Lazy Ass Federation of Those Who Are not Imaginative Enough as in the exit>voice sense of making politico-economics as did I read in a book where it can be inferred that resentment rule even among those who individually add to practically applicable discourse unlike those who extract value from that discourse to waste it all—yet not everything is politics. Politics assume a polis first, and all we have is semi-nomadic villages throughout the sometimes EVM-compatible steppes of the betaverse right now, that are, DAOs. Yes, you can rage-quit a village to build a Battlestar Galactica.

Yet, it does not change the fact that over the course of the time, thanks to simple thermodynamics, and network effects (or was it affects, and do minute differences in how you convey an idea still put you in a political camp as does the shape of your moustache through Near and Middle East?) Ethereum, and its mille plateux forks (you know what a taproot is, don’t you anon?) have been infested with the usual kind, majority of which could make great friends at times in “real life.”

These guys are busy trying to rent and tax that which Inscriptions promises in ugly aesthetics of the cringest liquidity feast, and I do not blame them. I can only blame those who cannot uphold the potential of Bitcoin NFTs to the level of “art and beauty” during the medieval ages reverberations of importance across the chainverse.

No, I ain’t trad.

No, it does not matter whether you believe in either art in finance, or finance in art, or finance as art, or art as finance.

I have already minted this beauty. GTFO my appropriated property.

During the last week, we saw how parochial minded individuals, and groups of people (not collectives, collectives have a vision, and a mission) ferociously negated by means of pre-mature criticism this fresh breath of life into the larger mainnet ecosystems thanks to Inscriptions via Ordinals protocol on the mainnet Bitcoin.

…flash forward to today, or if you are arriving from the future, rewind thereunto, we have retarded myopias from all sides that make fun of spreadsheets, OTCs, that are but primitive agoras, and forums of information exchange just similar to their almost no-code mess spaghetti of platforms that cannot even function at the lightest RPC overload.

I think Inscriptions has this bug called the human element and I have compiled a list of offers that can be upheld by anyone.

1. Upgrade

Upgrading does not necessarily mean that we need to have the latest Webflow UI, and some Figma community plugin touches on an halfass product.

Ordinals are not half-ass. They’re exactly working the way they are intended (onto). What’s not working is the average Jane and Joe’s approach to the entire process here:

I for one am intrigued, and lured into these digital objects, just because of the way they work. They are inscribed unto satoshis, and Inscriptions can hold other assets than an NFT, which can be or maybe should not be called NFTs. However, it does not matter.

At the moment, the successiveness of first-in-first-out order of UTXOs offers us such a conceptual wireframe over which constrain-based artistic processes could be applied.

For example, what the fuck is a collection?

2. What the fuck is a collection?

A collection, a curator, and a collector walks into a bar, and they have only one torso. Depeche Mode plays in the background:

The handshake seals the contract
From the contract, there's no turning back
The turning point of a career
In Korea being insincere
The holiday was fun-packed
The contract still intact

They ask for a regular Talisker 10. A DeFi degen usually gulps down a Talisker 10 on a regular day. Yet this fancy bar only offers stale cheap blend that they sell for a Japanese single malt. It’s raining outside, a Monsoon of dehydration in financial terms if you prefer, and you are forced to pound the shot.

You feel as if you are not left with any choice other than to bend over, and wait. That canine with the cane gonna can you in a man. No, sir, I do protest, a DeFi degen can be of material who is also a fine art connoisseur, a financial technology wizard, organizational solution architect, ecosystem designer, and a maverick if not a MEVrick.

We need to talk about collections in detail but firstly we need to understand the true potential of Inscriptions.

What do people ask about Inscriptions lately especially in Ordinals and Taproot Wizard Discord channels? I heard there are punks also but they look dull. Personal taste, sorry.

It is up to the people themselves to build the tools that they will market that markets need them. Markets may need anything at all since a huge pie of them are just lazy couch potatoes who can get incredibly lucky.

Savages who hunt potatoes usually come upfront and try to attire the steppe princess with the attire of the GoT (never watched) cosplay props. Wen wallet? Here my wallet that is another person’s skinned wallet. Wen marketplace? Here, we imported this very useful spreadsheet into a Notion workspace, it’s our Japanese single malt. Wen collections? Here are just the copy of the shit that we have been dumping over the Ethereum mainnet while we were shitting on Ethereum from our Avalanche alts for which we also have Tezos counterparts to shit on all of them, and also the carnivores.

The unique position of the constraint creativity thanks to first-in-first-out, UTXO, and anything that does not make it like an easy to use artistic/ collectionary/ curatory experience is what makes Inscriptions special.

In this direction, Inscriptions need a specialized operations team that will gather to provide a roadmap through which experiments that address the technical nature thereof can be explored with art that is not vaporwave.

I am willing to coordinate such an effort in collaboration with people from both the original theorists, and the taproot wizards.

Just DM me.

ps: Yes, anyone can do anything on it however my point is clear for many.

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