Perpetual Convivialities—Part II: Decentralized Science & Convivial Possibilities of IPNFTs

The future is just another place in space-time. Its residents, like us, find their world mundane and morally ambiguous.

Hanson, Robin. The Age of Em.

An IP-NFT is a crypto-economics/ web3 native legal contract that entail composability, programmability, and offer myriad uses cases that adheres to digitally-native or traditionally sensed rules around ownership, originality and reference points. A meta-data layer that utilize decentralized storage options can attest to any legality, ownership, and provenance the non-fungible in question interacts.

IP-NFTs are destined to be the primeval building blocks of DeSci. Decentralized science is a meta-level coordination domain amongst scientists, researchers, and students to create a continuous and connectory stratum where scientific endeavor across ever-experimental disciplines such as neuroscience, research sub-domains around longevity/ senescence, artificial intelligence, and synthetic biology, for example, might make the best of alternative reputation score, verification/ replication/ reference points, and crowd-funding.

Ownership economies that thrive throuhg DeSci have implications over the course of scientific research, and its acceleration to the point that we might have better coordination among those who study same issues, or can outpace the traditional university/ government funding bureaucracies that usually cripple the our immediate future by fallacies that are endemic to stagnant governance systems of times gone by.

Herein, we need to take note that DeSci is not another vaporwave experiment across ownership economies as we have witnessed in over-financialized faux-art, voided-out vampire DeFi hypershitcoinization experiments, and other froth that surprisingly came from noone but the crypto-native people themselves.

DeSci and affliated domains alongside what I’d call Network States 2.0 have rather sprinted a sort of convivial maturity only recently once many of the idea market participants across crypto-economics fueled domains have come to realize that there are real world utility to the blokchcain technologies in general away from the talk only echo chambers of ruthless value extractors that know how to hijack communal hyperstructures.

What are Perpetual Convivialities?

Perpetual convivialities are communal-data spaces in and out of that which we today call the real world. That is, they are both on the physical as in the case of Zuzalu City, or in the digital as in any technology we might need to abstract unto an easily navigable plane of our existence.

Many who work at the common set of neuroscience, AI, longevity, biology—pardon for tautologies here—and network states affirm that we are onto a future wherein what we will be calling reality might be utterly different in every sense of the sense-data of our existence.

I strongly believe that these primitive efforts of ours at the intersection of governance, and hard sciences will be a springboard for the culminated knowledge of our species that unravel for our efforts to be the hard scientific foundation of future futures.

To be continued.

Gökhan Turhan,

ZuConnect Istanbul 2023,

Zuzalu Pop-up City,


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