Preparing a Culture Object 1

Who funds semi-academic jargon, cultural studies oriented booklets on crypto-economics culture?

I have two ideas that I am pitching now into ROAM Research notebooks and Word docs of mine—which caused me to open up the word after a year. I've been thinking about just launching a crowd-sourcing experiment via available or emergent platforms but I do not want crowds to be involved in this. Up to 5 VC-wise investors at most. However, since this is not a start-up but a simple modular 3-booklet type of an eventual book in the form of D & G's Thousand Pletaux, I will not go into the rabbihole to apply to grants from any foundation such as EF, Optimism, Uniswap etc. As I recall, people who did not deliver anything so far raised up to 50 ETH per such projects via Mirror etc. during the late froth craze. The only tangible work that I have from those days in my hand is that of Matthew Ball's Metaverse book which raised a round number from a nice html mint essay off Zora v1. It's about current sub-culturish protocol waves among kulturwissenschaft people that indeed do code as well. I have 3 areas in mind. I will not elaborate further but my aim is to raise about 10-15 eth, a half of which will possibly eat into my Visa + Travel expenses for vis-a-vis interview whilst the rest will be spent on payments for interviewees and several subscriptions/ expenditure. If I had at least 3.33 ether of this amount, I'd had already subscribed to a workspace in the hood for 6 months, be working 12 hours a day on it. I know how people approach these sort of projects but some people turn these into entire grad school projects from which new enterprises at the intersection of traditional universities and culture hubs onchain that works on the uncertainty principles of knowledge production, and circulation if not "dissemination."

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