Resignation .txt from Writing Token Discord Server Moderation Role


Resignation .txt from Writing Token Discord Server Moderation Role

**1.**People who know me are aware that I love to experiment with text-based arts—not excluding the good old written word as it is as in a story.

**2.**I have been minting .txt, .md, .pdf, and at times .jpeg & .png files that are home to experimental writing efforts of mine. Writing by any media gives me peace at mind.

**3.**One day, I received an ERC721 token that was but a Mirror edition on Ethereum Mainnet: $ESSAI: Gabagool.eth’s Writing Token. WT. I have known him through our interaction on Twitter timelines mostly, and we DM’d each other at times talking about conceptual art, and the emergent art practices on-chain. It was a token of appreciation of my friendship and so-called “inspiration” regarding writing non-fungibles. A gift. I wanted to return the favor, and minted another one. There, all of a sudden, I realized that it was a good opportunity to put my productivity in an experimental community-making. According to Gabagool.eth, there was a no need for any community, or a Discord server; however, the (then-non-existent) community should decide on their own future. I took the initiative myself, and created a token-gated Discord server. I was feeling productive, had the time, and wanted to master the art of 🅱ommunity. It was because of the fact that I have been freelancing as an artist, curator, and DeFi Degen for almost three years, and I wanted to go further, and gain some experience in myriad façades of “product” management.

**4.**Gabagool.eth clearly and openly expressed that it was a personal project. I respected that.The reason why I attempted to bootstrap a community thereabouts was also owing to the fact that it is not a DAO. DAOs are hard. Governance is most of the time bullshit —scientific study on governance, especially that of the competitive is not.

**5.**I asked for nothing, got nothing, and expressed that being busy with a community helps me relax by simply being busy. I was also aware that noone expected anything from me.

**6.**I registered a Lens Protocol group, an Urbit group, a Twitter account, and a Skiff e-mail address for WT. I follow the trends, and I like to product hunt just because I like trying new software. Code is law. After the first week, all I could do was to visit the #support and #coffee channels because of my own schedule. However, I like the coffee channel. I met good people there—”met” as in a momentary lapse of abstract geography when you have no IRL frenz around. I like to thank those good people for their friendship.

**7.**Today, as I was preparing to sleep, at around 4 am, I happened to realize something was odd given the tweets. I read his public tweet, an open letter. I do not think it is justifiable to touch that which is others’. Nothing can normalize such behavior in my league.

**8.**I am a man of honor, and right conduct. I cannot continue to moderate the Writing Token Discord upon these developments.

**9.**Verify, do not trust.

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