Roman Farmer I

In the Beginning, a Discovery

Sun, high and hot over Roman fields,

A farmer, young in years but ripe in wisdom,

Tending to the grain and green, Stumbles upon history — a sparkle, a flash, In the dirt, in the grass, ancient Roman currency.

Eyes wide, he marvels, Coins of an age long gone, a treasure found, Pockets the past, runs to the present, His home, where blood is shared, A show-and-tell of time captured in metal.


Then, the Journey

Coins in pouch, heart in throat, He embarks on a quest for knowledge, for worth,


become nights, nights become days, Rest, eat, repeat. On the road, a merchant, a nomad,

Stories of Rome, the empire, the city, Stir within him a hunger, a yearning, He arrives in the city at last, a sigh of relief.

The Marketplace

Seeking wisdom in the marketplace, A huddle of merchants, lovers of the ancient, Examine his find, declare its age, Impressed by the condition, the sheen, the weight, They trade him gold for history, The farmer, wealthy now, Owner of a treasure trove of Roman past.

The Collection

Wealth begets passion, passion begets pursuit,

City to city,

from merchant to collector, A menagerie of metal, history, and culture. He studies, learns, becomes the learned,

A figure of respect in the world of collectors, A speaker, a sharer of knowledge, A beacon of passion.

The Legacy

From father to child, child to grandchild, A collection grows, a legacy builds, A testament of one man’s pursuit, A mirror of the empire, its glory, its fall, Coins, symbols of past and future, Reminders of the potential that lies within, A new generation standing on the shoulders of the past.


The coins persist, witnesses to time, Reminders of what was, what could be, Symbols of passion, determination, and possibility, Small actions, big impacts, The future, a construct of the past, In our hands, we hold the power, The ancient Roman coins, reminders, Of our potential, our legacy.

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