Scattered Thoughts on the Per Block Time of Existence: On Writing #1

Nay, I am not in Mirror DAO. I am just sitting at the top 5 in the $WRITE race which is currently inactive. The only info you need is that it is FREE to use for anyone as a web3 content platform with a cryptopgrahic suite of tools . Cheers.

DAY 1 🥷

One of the hardest part of writing a piece of readable material by homo sapiens is the writing medium itself. I really have no idea why I am writing this piece on my Substack today—just as Mirror is free for anyone to use. For those who do not understand why I compare Substack to Mirror is easy simple as it gets:

  • Substack operates on web2 where I cannot claim full ownership over my written assets—which is mainly due to the fact that their payments intermediary Stripe does not cover my geographical location on the planet Earth.

  • Mirror has a base constellation of communities of user from myriad backgrounds who focus on and work through a web3 economy of cultural evolution/ production ± intellectual property—herein, please also see Gabriel Shapiro’s “Fork Law Meditations.”

  • It is really hard to directly initiate a Decentralized, and Autonomous Organization (DAO) [1,2,3] on a web2 platform such as Substack. However, Platform-protocols such as Mirror have all the tools that you might need for a seed round to a) fund yourself, or b) another individual, or c) a community, or d) anything that can be conceptually enveloped unto web3.

  • Since your readers are willing to decentralize their foci unto myriad nodes of cultural production, one of which can be your .txt only web3log on Mirror, it is much more easier for you than doing it on web2 where monetary streams find their way as wrapped in naked-fiat—see aforementioned reality that I cannot monetize my Substack at where I am just as I cannot issue any debit card by the likes of Fold etc. That is, as a cultural producer in any media, I am bound to funnel my income through traditional finance sometimes but I can have the control over my portfolio a la non-custodial DeFi. At least, we have that level of Bankless-ness even hereabouts. &, here Mirror-like protocols help me in that I can directly sign-in through a hot wallet such as Metamask.


I recall how I started writing back in early Noughties. I used to copy trade Rimbaud in the most teenager staking probable thereabouts. It was kind of boring, and we were still under the influence of Woodstock ‘99, and Comet Hale-Bopp—aye, even on the otherside of the Atlantic on a barren tobacco field, anon.

Back then, I used to use a pencil, and a piece of paper. Then, my father acquired a brickstone Motorola through some newspaper coupons just as did all the fathers in the neighbourhood. There, we the kids had to get used to the abecederium of a mobile phone which required repetitive strikes of brain signals unto plastic presence of the Latin. Years later, some told us that we were evolving our thumbs into the most degen extension of ours as apes.

Monkey Performing the Sanbaso Dance by Mori Sosen (1800) | Monkey art,  Monkey illustration, Japanese drawings

to be continued.

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