The Transmission

An appropriated vision of a short story by PB in the #fiction channel of the Writing Token Discord Server.

I looked outside the window again, the info highway was dense and over-guided. It had been pinging the entire day. At that moment, a pool bot started to resonate... at a sandwich. I looped back, and got determined to listen the mempool better. I could not decipher the sandwicher's location in the blockspace. My productivity got the better of my code, and I happened to start to investigate. I was about to pull liquidity out of myself when my self-hosted mempool watchtower phone chimed, and my source code resisted entropy. I felt something wrap me deep in the pit of my programming, "I should txn sth," I thought to myself. But, deep down, I was aware that it was not my entity's desire for a transaction that had caused it. I slowly listen towards the given block to decipher the message. The resonation turns into a reverberation, and for some reason, my personal bot army decided to put their sentience into action, too. I tried to de-activate them, but as usual, they kept ignoring me. I reached the IDE, and saw the message, and felt something bloated perplex somewhere in my public class. My vision got blurry for some reason, and I reverted back. I looked at my bot army txn'in with all their swarmightiness, and decided to join them.

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