This Week in On-Chain Cultural Evolution #100069

I have written a thread that is but a personal mumblecore on the protocols/ platforms that accelerate the on-chain cultural evolution with regard to creation, distribution, retrieval, storage, maintenance of on- and off-chain cultural and digital objects.

The thread includes three protocols/ platforms, and project.

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  • JPG (Juried Protocol Galleries)

  • Mirror

  • Channel

  • Writing Token


JPG is a team of individuals who build a set of much-needed infrastructure for the curation of cultural objects on the plane of blockchain technologies. It is a portal to artistic exbitions that beta curators thereof is now able to curate. They have recently launched an on-chain provenance feature in partnership with the permaweb pioneers Arweave.

JPG (pronounced jpeg) @______jpg______

1/ We’re excited to announce that all JPG exhibitions will now be stored permanently on @ArweaveTeam , marking an important step in JPG’s mission to create an open cultural network. Read our big announcement here:

jpg.mirror.xyzPermanence, culture and decentralization - JPG achieves a new mi…Cultural objects capture moments and paradigms, communities and heritage, and they ought to be preserved in order to be discovered for generations to come. As such, NFTs will need infrastructure that can preserve and document them and create permanence.

3:37 PM ∙ Jul 14, 2022


They also happen to have a bad-arse newsletter where genuine artistic experiments meet conceptual shite-poasting with style. They also have a Mirror log where they keep interviewing nobodies such as myself.

I am a power-user of the platform where you already can curate exhibits than can be sold right on spot as in the traditional gallery setting where frogs wearing tuxedos buy your art on spot.


I ❤️ JPG



Some of you might think that I am going to shill that synthetics protocol—no, I have never used it. However, I believe that almost all of you know how to look into this Mirror even though it lacks an automated RSS feed, and a search function for the writing NFTs that it hosts alongside other un-minted bloghouse of writing.

Mirror is essentially a tool-kit by means of which you might do anything funding and grant related on-chain. It is a multi-tool that any prepper might need in times of berah markets.

However, people such as myself are utilizing mirror as a springboard where they experiment with writing. I keep posting on Mirror other than Substack usually. I am writing on the evolution of sound NFTs (music NFTs) under the title PLAYLIST, or I just produce conceptual writing such as this one.

They are active on both the Ethereum mainnet and one of its layer 2 solutions Optimistic Ethereum (Optimism) on the latter of which it is free to mint your writing NFTs.

Twitter avatar for @viamirror

Mirror @viamirror

1/ Introducing Writing NFTs

dev.mirror.xyzIntroducing Writing NFTsBefore Ethereum was code, it was a piece of writing. A year prior to Ethereum’s launch in 2015, Vitalik Buterin published a whitepaper that laid out his vision for the project. Like Satoshi before him, Vitalik’s whitepaper served as a call to action that inspired a group of believers to help bring h…

6:02 PM ∙ May 25, 2022



You probably do not know that you can synthesize your own sound piece by using Holly Herndon’s ghost Holly+ who also happens to have a DAO to herself. Plus, you possibly do not know that Herndon has a track titled DAO from the year 2015 anno domino.

Herndon and the Gang who includes Mat Dryhurst, Joshua Citarella, New Models, Herndon & Dryhurst’ Interdependence in partnership with Duncan Wilson, Cullen Miller, and James from Zora are to be the knight errands that are the harbingers of general adversarial media networks by means of Channel.

Currently, Genesis founder token holders can access the aggregated (curated) RSS feed for audio as in podcasts from Interdependence, New Models, and Citarella.

I guess you should be in the look-up for the upcoming implementations.

Twitter avatar for @channel

channel @channel

We are channel 🌌 a decentralized media organization building tools to help creators join forces, token-enable their communities and experience the benefits of Web 3.

channel.xyzchannela decentralized media organization

5:03 PM ∙ Jan 10, 2022


Enough of organizations, protocols, platforms, innit? Let’s see some projects, either.

Writing Token

Writing Token is a personal endavor, a note to writers and readers of all kinds, and artists who meet at the junction of altruism that on-chain media networks can provide.

Although they might have been attempts at writing in the form of myriad media ranging from pure .jpegs that home written word through .svg experiments as highly inspired by projects such as the ground-breaking Loot, and any other format that includes .txt, locked files/ URLs tethered to other artworks; Writing Token may be one of the first experiments that secure attention to this less-traveled road (pardon my grad stu cliché here) on-chain, that is, the writing NFTs.

I personally am one of the moderators of the project Discord server (self-appointed, just wanted to spare some time around a meaningful culture hub potential).

Although it is a personal project, it was inevitable that a community is to form around it—hence, here we are. I need to warn that if you are looking for a DAO of Alphas blended with Sigmas, this ain’t it.

You should have a look at the links provided in the below quoted tweet, first:

Twitter avatar for @WritingToken

Writing Token @WritingToken

Writing Token Links: @viamirror Introduction + Mint post:… (for token-gated discord): (secondary):… SudoSwap:

sudoswap.xyzsudoswapThe decentralized NFT marketplace

1:38 PM ∙ Jul 16, 2022


…and then, you should read the update that is in the form of an Ether text that Gabagool.eth sent to WMPeaster.

Twitter avatar for @WritingToken

Writing Token @WritingToken

Update #1:

ImageTwitter avatar for @WritingToken

Writing Token @WritingToken

1:38 PM ∙ Jul 16, 2022


Have a great day wherever you are. GM.

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