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0x. Premonition, or not.

🧞‍♂️ The block quote that holds the week on-chain together:

HUO: Another unrealized project is your Opéra de Robots, for which you were in contact with Olivetti in Italy. What was the starting point for that project?

IX: The desire to do something with machines. That’s all.

FX: That had always been your dream. And then you met that young man, a cultural firebrand, the companion of the woman from French Academy in Rome. He was in contact with Olivetti, who later became interested in the project. You even went to visit a robot factory, but in the end, the subsidy wasn’t awarded.

IX: So, it almost happened.

HUO: Would the robots have interacted among themselves, or would everything have been written in a score? Would it have been monitored?

IX: It was to be monitored but the robots would interact.

FX: You wanted to stage an opera with robots along the lines of a battle of the Titans. They weren’t like men, more like gods.

HUO: Would the robots have destroyed themselves progressively as the piece went on?

IX: No, they were supposed to last.

HUO: In terms of form, what would these robots have been like? Would they have had a robotic shape or a more sculptural one?

IX: It never reached that stage.

“Iannis Xenakis & François Xenakis,” A Brief History of New Music, Hans Ulrich Obrist, JRP, 2015.

🤝 0. Interlude

The week started with an unfortunate news, and many a peer across the blockchain constellations acted accordingly. Here is my response to the development as a letter of resignation in the form of a .txt NFT on Zora with its duplicate as a Mirror writing NFT:


🌞 A New Dawn

Nay, it does not fades but mesmerizes. This dawn, that is, this piece, is taking a lil’bit longer than expected. There have been two days between the first two sentences in this section, which does not matter—nor do the bloodbath the markets are swimming in rn.

People keep building, and it is probably not your simple autographed screen-shot, and glitchéd trash bin art. Trash art precedes the so-called on-chain trash art. We can all be absolved in the knowing that there is a handful of bunnies building under this diplomatic level constraint-based art of coding regardless of jurisdictions of Earth 1.0.

Markets need all types of speculative realisms, and object-oriented ontologies in this cybernetic re-balance of the evolution accounting books through this emergent accelerator that we simply term as crypto.

Noone has been able to stop evolution. On-chain existence will eventually lead to biological evolution as well.

💋 Weekly Spotlight

The week has been rather dry bookmarkwise but the current stage is brimming with projects, platforms, products, and protocols that extract time into more personally intriguing slots in blocks.

👃 Wut meanz?

There is this pattern that is easily deductible that some artists who have become of during the latest plateau that the art markets have pitched the white cube yurts across the non-fungible terraria have also been in the process of becoming of unicorns in terms of investments into arts, culture, and sciences in general—which will be the story of another writing piece but calling the people whose moves you adore a whale needs some data science accounting and a modest accountability, too. Expect.

🐲 Open Quill feat. Genesis Loot 🐉

Pure nerdcore. Utterly detailed. If you are free nowadays, and want to play a RPG (as an author who needs navigate a well-made wiki and a couple of detailed lores); just try to submit a story, a narrative per se for the third round of *Genesis Scrolls *on Open Quill Foundation, an initiative that aim at preparing the infrastructure for on-chain literary devices of composability, coordination, and future emergent forms of authorship.

Aye, it’s extended through the Loot.

The good thing about world-making is that it is too similar to the early days of DeFi Summer 2020 where narrative was not this much tainted with noise by the sayings of the olds unto the markets. That which Quill is about to do, of which I have zero knowledge, might bring about the Cambrian explosion regarding the writing NFTs—especially a proliferation of rich media minting infrastructures, or any devs who are willing to find about a way to push it to a rich media standardized roll-up.

So, if Tezos can satisfy the average so-calledly greenie, or utmost politically correct forum mod wannabe, in terms of seedling and suckling of the art into a metabolism of an emergent market among those with the fatigue of grant applications for decades; why not a roll-up that focuses on rich media where I can happily rant-publish .epubs without having to worry about whether I shall opt my on-chain publishing locomotive into an Bommunity Institute of Teknology imprint?

🚵‍♂️ ENDURO, Ingenics, Theory 🤝

“A car is an extension of the legs. A stove is an extension of the stomach. The internet is an extension of the nervous system," argues Tywen Kelly in a short piece from 2019 on Mangoprism titled “Towards an Ultimate Display.”

Today, I’d rather say that a car is a becoming-of a 3rd wave cybernetics petri dish that are also my nervous system which is also a per block time of existence tethered disembodiment. However, it really does not matter that I am able to utter such almost Sokal affair #3 inducing statements and receive a title thereafter. We are not here to pamper the trad academy whose tentacles have also find about their way into that which is termed as web3.

Kelly has a proposal there—which is the most intriguing part of that article:

[…] Editing this world in VR with my entire body felt like “becoming my own syntax.” There was no translation between thought and effect—just effect. This is a special feeling and I don’t think there’s a good enough word in the Oxford English Dictionary to describe it. I propose the term “ingenic,” a portmanteau of interior genesis, or creation from within, to describe this phenomenon.

  • Content that is ingenic has been generated in the same medium of its consumption.

  • Creating ingenically means generating content in the same medium in which it will be consumed.

This is my second time reading the article. I am still reading it as I am block by block composing this piece. I’ve drafted the first part in Notion but it does not feel like writing when I do not draft on the same medium on which the piece is to be published. The reason why I am including this ingenicity into a blog section on mainly writing NFTs, and any non-fungible environment where the text matters the most, or the textmode, is that I have always seen smart contracts and the constellations that are composed of ecosystems as provided by the primitives underneath these contracts as self-assembling metaborizumu.


A self-shill: metaborizumu

All these media from the primordial soup of our wetware through the betaverse that we have been coding on-chain is also a problematic, a conceptualization thereof, and a re-mediation (hi, Gilbert[not in the way the term re-mediation reflects itself]). Smart contracts are self-assembling objects. Compile. Intermittent fasting is hitting.

Blockchains are almost ingenic. But we need to ask about it to the coiner of the term. Tywen? Are blockchain technologies ingenic?

Gilbert proposed an idea that there arises a need for a novel theory unbeknownst to the human compartment of the internet of things—yes, I do suggest that humans are antropic self-assembling things.

Rudnick’s Van Eyck Index?

Let me open my bullet-proof Tomb Index to enlighten all tomorrow’s parties. In “Markers on a Chain,” the introductory text of the Index, that is, and that will ever be, Rudnick posits:

This body of work has its heart questions of obsolescence, finitude, but most importantly their opposite: how it may be possible for some things to escape—for however long—oblivion. The idea that it is possible for something to be preserved. And the related, but perhaps different notion, that it may be possible for something to survive. Beyond the glass of my window, in the bright morning Ghent sunshine, sits Saint Bavo’s Cathedral.


Jan and Huber Van-Eyck’s Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, The Ghent Altarpiece, completed 590 years ago in 1432, sits inside a frame, that rests upon a pediment, that is encased inside a bulletproof glass and steel vitrine, inside the apse that forms the nexus of the worship systems of the Cathedral. Advanced UX. Cross-chain hardware.


Remember Xenakis utters above that “[s]o, it almost happened.” I love to talk about things that happens, and shall happen. Xenakis is a modular monolith in the realm of a shared imagination across the spatiality of sound, and sonarity of the form, and the flow of the solid matter.

What Rudnick refers to is what indeed human longevity is subjected to represent, a survivability of a medium alongside the datum it has been conceived off. However, I must admit that, as someone who penned an MA dissertation on the preservation of digital-born objects in a qualitative fashion, I rarely think about the endurance of the media. In fact, I do contemplate upon it when I think of the 5D nano-discs in Elon’s Roadster, or the DNA poet of the Xenotext of Christian Bök, that is, a bacterium that can withstand a nuclear blast, I always think about the survivability of the archive.

What happens when the archive is also the ingenic media is another thought layer here. However, I’d like to state that I am delving into these arguments, and tongue-in-cheek claims in that I see a smart contract as an ingenic media that is devoid of some rich media possibilities.

Token standards are yet to provide us with simply and traditionally available rich media formats, I am hopeful, devs are working whilst the common sense is rugging us of possibility of a near-term zk tech that is beyond the scope of any voyeur.

I think the ingenicity of the media regardless of its asset class onchain will merge with the probabilities of zk techologies, and we will have rich media of writing-first cultural and digital objects as native verticals thereabouts.

Hence, I take what Tywen, Gilbert, and Rudnick offer seriously here. I hope to co-lead an on-chain theory hub with these people. If you also would like to contribute, just hop in the below comments of the above-quoted tweet by Gilbert please.

🏎 0xMonaco 🏁

My dad is a mechanic, has his own garage in a lil’Aegean town. Although I have just obtained a driving license at the age of 34, I have always been fascinated with the idea of a car. I could have easily started my own garage and re-assemble every bit of shattered Huracan by Shl0ms—salute $CAR #69, aye that’s me.

It does not matter that an embodiment of Duchamp exists on-chain as long as there are a billion Baroness Elsas hereabouts. The chase is the play. Negative or positive loops.

What is 0xMonaco? It is a contract and time based cybernetics experiment where contracts race each other by employing human agents. From my vantage point, it is a dynamic poetics springboard from whence a new aesthetic might arise where each morpheme rendered as an individual smart contract that would be fed into any onchain DAW to procure sound poetry. Hence, I am including this PvP game here this week.

This could be the best thing that happens to the act of play since dark forest on gnosis.

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Bunny, Bunny Bond:

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Been a fan of Grant since day 0.

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