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Hello, this is your self-assigned host Gökhan Turhan for the latest advancements, innovations and news in and through writing NFTs. I aim to regularly publish this section of my Mirror as a newsletter even though we do not yet have sections on Mirror.

Mirror Announces Subscriptions

Mirror, the content and creativity self-publishing studio for web3, finally announced the long-awaited subscription model that will unroll novel means of community-designing. Although the subscribers receive updates through their given e-mail, they sign a message in their crypto-wallets to be able to subscribe to their favorite writers, publishers, and content creators at large. It also means that people who utilized Mirror for long-read pieces just because it didn’t have a subscription button are ready to forsake their Substack—who knows what the future will bring about. I believe the centralized and efficient content suites that are yet to integrate decentralized payments will be in need of the services by teams as that of Mirror.

Gnosis Guild Releases Tabula

Tabula is a cross-network publishing for DAOs, and individuals. According to their documentation, that which distinguishes Tabula from other onchain publishing tool builders is that any agent can build publish their instance, and their interface by utilizing subgraphs.

This is it all for today. I also write pieces on the intersection of writing, text-based arts, written word as on-chain digital and cultural objects. Although I run a token-gated Discord server on the intersection of cultural data curation and experimental arts, I would like to contribute to the preliminary stage of on-chain cultural evolution. Hence, if you would like to keep learning about Writing NFTs, please do subscribe here, and to my fresh Telegram channel in which I’ll be sharing developments around the Writing NFTs.

Have a beauteous weekend, GMi frenz.

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