Thoughts on Art benefiting from Blockchain Technologies #1

There is something innate about the nature of that lazy anon, a person if I might say so, who is right now driving from a Walmart to his rat hole of a flat, that stinkiest of palaces, and the most adorably moribund oblivion of incorrigibly loquacious monologues and mumblecore that now pass as critique, and theory.

He is about to light the 333rd cigarette of the day, and label you as a traditionalist just because you openly state that there is beauty in the world, and art; and, as a conceptual artist and curator, you find almost all sub-genres of merely representational contemporaneous art brimming with laziness, tribalism, and a lack of articulation so prevalent that the accumulation of such work make it impossible for the true artists to reveal themselves.

On the other hand, those artists who feel in limbo when you make such utterances shall feel obliged to feel better in that they are playing with the fundamentals, infrastructure and basic functions of these art. That is, if you are a person who try to tame the blockspace in a fashion that turns that very space into a self-assembling digital object out of the blue, whether it is needed or not; and even though your mind is poisoned with your immediate circle's life-hating dictum and faux-ethos, you pass the class. You'll possibly land ob a very promising job of your choice at the intersection of time bandits, and almost-sentient chatbots that won't give you goosebumps till you train your very own model just under 500K USDc.

I like you. You have made it so far. I have these thoughts that need to be ejaculated, and disseminated, and I am writing these words in Roam Research in that we're trying to come up with how my mind works around the current trends across the block-chain powered artistic scenes. Sure, you want me to use Obsidian? Hit me a coupon sista—no, I actually pay for Roam, and I was thinking about writing this piece that have just come out of blue in a Twine map so that you could play it ad infinitum. But, thanks, I am good right now at about 7 p.m. (UTC+3), near a window at the very epicentre of a metropolis brimming with resentment and joy at the same time. Let's talk about art, music, and how people cope by way of creative conceptualisms.

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