Use the Artist—Thoughts on the Probability of a Conceptual Art DAO

The .txt version of the below post has already been minted on Zora.

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Since I am still a no @viamirror -er, I have *kind of* minted a probable proposal for the inception of a Conceptual Art DAO as in a blog post on @ourZORA in .txt format. Never mind the SMO mocks in the text. It's an honest insight on my part. #NFTs


12:39 AM ∙ Sep 9, 2021


Some of you might remember that Ryder Ripps was overtly harassed by then-power hungry editor(s) of Rhizome back when identity politics weren’t social credits that determine the “realness” of you in any domain of tribalism.

Why? It was because he commissioned sex workers in a motel room to draw pieces of works of art. It was a nice deal for everyone, especially for a conceptual artist.

…&, for some of you, the best Daft Punk album is Random Access Memories where our futur-of-france duo worked around a similar concept. They instrumentalized [sic] a horde of musicians, and remixed them into an LP.

Use the Artist—Thoughts on the Probability of a Conceptual Art DAO

How about we commission the expensive and cult-like figures on the non-fungible art scene (only Ethereum network participants, sorry, I don’t make the rules)? By “we,” I mean the first-person singular. Anyone.

For instance, Giga Bvgatti forms a Gnosis Safe & adds XCOPY, Rhea Myers, 0xDEAFBEEF, dhof, and, let’s say, Andre Cronje as signees—a selection of OGs ranging from conceptual artists through smart contract craftsmen to visual whiz kids.

Afterwards, Giga informs the cult of concept on the context of the art to be produced. In some instances, to be protruded. Each signee is tasked with the individual submissions. They think, they think, and they act, and they act. Godot has already risen. 

They submit the work to the safe. A sort of a novel (or existing, perchance?) contract attest that the works have been minted via Giga Bvgatti’s main wallet address. If not, that specific safe is Giga+. 

…&, finally, those work sell under the alias Giga Bvgatti. Ghost-minters aka abovementioned artists have the right to reveal their contribution to the Instance.

They are paid via a money stream protocol. Mirror’s splits would be noice. 

If the ghost-minters won’t reveal their IDs, it would be more joyous with puzzles that hints at the ID of the artist.

All of this would be feasible under a Conceptual Art DAO.

Minting this here on Zora as a .txt file in that I am not on Mirror yet, and I want to be able to point out that I had your idea.

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