Web3 Marketing #2

Be the DARPA of web3. Open frontiers for the retail

  1. Do not force an URL.

  2. Do not force the convention.

Do not Force an URL

Be precise.

Tell what it is.

Do not bury the lede.

What does it mean that a brand should not force an URL on a customer, or any type of endusers?

Sometimes, I receive notifications that I in actual care for. They can either be from a service like LinkedIn regarding a private message, or a Substack newsletter item.

Anon69, you have 5 messages waiting for you and consider adding pseudoanon69.

  • What are these messages?

  • I have received responses or some recruiter has just spammed me again on free credits?

  • This newsletter does really talk about the abstract tokenomics of the given product, or is it just another low taste lure that will make me click their main website?

If you are running a newsletter and dependent on content marketing, let’s be honest:

Many people hate visiting your pop-up cemetery of a website that buries the lede at all times.

I for one have a specific Protonmail folder structure for given and myriad newsletters and content marketing leads. I follow them from within my e-mail service for which I pay about 30 USD a month on a visionary tier because they are good at what they are doing. They also let me use these folder structures as a nice RSS feedish system. You have to be really intriguing for me to leave that inbox.

Me? I am a power user of all things crypto and web3, and many returning customers of yours are so. But, I hate being forced to click a link if it is not intriguing or I feel the need to click it since your lead is misleading in its ambiguity.

Also, do not trade security for CtRs.

Do not Force the Convention

I do understand that there are many cases for web2 which make it utterly feasible and easy to use the platforms and protocols, let alone services running on them. That’s why limitation-pilled blockchain-enabled systems are sometimes having existential crises, and some galactic brain marketing expert, or social media rat, think that we need infantilized endusers who should not have a say in their mode of onboarding, security, and interaction with our products.

Now, let’s be brutally honest here. That is not even web2!

It is pure web1. It is 1968. You have a compute station at home waiting instructions from DARPA.

Do not be like that. Licklieder would not like it.

Be the DARPA of web3. Open frontiers for the retail.

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