Web3 Marketing #4

Be clear.

  1. Be Clear

Be Clear

Be clear.

Be clear.

Be clear.

Be clear.
Be clear.

I can copy and paste this the entire day till either it turns into a piece of invaluable conceptual writing, or that you understand that majority of copywriting in especially the web3 quarters of crypto-systems is not articulate.


  • is onboarding the next billion

    • into which blockspace if I dare to ask?

  • is changing the world

    • now, I believe in this but it is not usually the case

  • has this ultimately chaotic tokenomics if not economics

    • let the Ethereum core developers have complex roadmaps—at least they can clearly diagrammatize it, and in actual ship

  • is publishing reports

    • all of which are pure backlink cemeteries to their friends in financial news media, their portfolio companies, their friends

Not everyone admits that they do not play by the rules. Alright, let’s think that this is the situation regarding crypto-economics nowadays, and will ever be for a couple of decades maybe all the while honest builders are trying to implement recombinant systems that help us

  • overcome censhorship

  • maintain a robust network

  • conserve legacy culture

  • decentralize science

  • manage existential risk

  • have comfortably accessible payment rails

amongst many other.

Be clear that you are working for the K company that specialize in X and Y.

Do not turn your brand into a meat confetti of ugly banners just because some people assert that that’s how you mold interest, SEO and the like.

Let me tell you something. Your biggest wet dream of meeting a Swiss custodian banker VC will not go through Google Search Optimization but honesty.

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