Wish you were mine: NFTs that I do not own #1

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0x) Loquacious Acquiring of Diamond Hands Mentality by Constantly Acting as a Paper Hand


We might finally be sound enough to confirm that speculative realism of abstraction has found a new home: The non-fungibles.

One cannot deny the fact that The Non-Fungibles sounds as if a late synth-funk band.

I have already minted one of their cover arts—unfortunately on that chaotic hive Rarible, who were lastly kind of Lesotho’d by the dominion of OpenSea, to which any Rarible mint has no access for sales right now—which has just been re-amended i guess. Rarible is no more Lesotho.

However, the issue is not about my lovely secondary market for Giga Bvgatti mints. It is nor about the paper hand moves that torture my notional value as an entity. It is about the NFTs that I do not own, and wish I owned.

Though I see NFTs market, at least artwise, a very refined degen gigahive market is about to leverage itself even more profoundly and perfectly proportionately structured—as in that smart contract that generates on-chain art with the sleight of non-human “sentience”—no worries, I ain’t Graham Harman more.

Hence, I am happier in that all those long-read papers written during the academic journey of mine own, especially at that Comparative Literature master’s degree, was in fact a self-educational training, and conceptualization towards my artistic, and collectionary practice on the expanded non-fungibles sphere.

I used to write on long-term archives, digital-born literary works, and (sino-, cubo-/ futuristic, conceptual (writing), visual poetry, asemic writing, net.art et al.

The first piece of this Substack did also call out to a contract based renaissance within the non-fungible arts domain by relating to Pak’s Alpha which sold in May 2020 for 55.5 ETH. Autoglyphs, back then and now, my favorite piece of on-chain generative art.

It is just about some non-fungibles that I see everyday and wish to own a piece thereof.

gokhan.eth — Giga Bvgatti 🚀🧬💾🦇🔊 @0xgokhan

"It is the code that sells in order to help the Singular code that tries to arrive from the future —which is the purest form of art: to craft itself as a practical base layer dApplication for all that try to fight entropy." Pepe von Hayek, block number 1 zagillion.

3:42 PM ∙ Aug 29, 2021

1) Mitchell Chan's Digital Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility (IKB) (2017)

PaperclipDAO have just acquired a piece. It is nice to see that artists/ thinkerers who import the early days of conceptual art onto the chain. After all, NFTs are also global coordination tools with which we the swarm bring about solutions to some problematics.

The series is a nod and hommage to KLEIN (why do you think the background of this Substack is navy blue. HEY loomdart, gm. I replied with #000080.

In Klein’s 1958 exhibition, a collector who wished to purchase a Zone had to pay in solid gold. They were then issued a paper receipt to serve as proof of transaction. Klein also designed a ritual meant to empower the purchaser to obtain the true immaterial sense of the artwork, enabling the sensibility of the artwork to become part of the owner in a spiritual sense. During this ritual, the purchaser would burn this receipt and Klein would throw half the gold into the River Seine. There are three documented instances of this ritual being performed.

The 101 IKBs represent a fascinating extension of Klein’s ritual on-chain (including a smart contract function that will reproduce the effects of the ritual…) across 7 series, minted starting in 2017.

PaperclipDAO Round 3: Entering the (Digital) Cool Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Exchange 

2) Joan Heemskerk’s Chameleon (2021)

If you are into any piece of artwork by any media available, you would possibly be familiar with the works of JODI. They, as a duo, have had a significant affect on the way I opt for comprehending net art for me.

Heemskerk is the half of JODI, and not long ago released her non-fungibles project on Folia, namely Chameleon. Chameleon,

generates a unique video, using the buyer’s wallet address as seed. If the work is transferred to a new wallet, the video will re-generate based on the new wallet address. The series is limited to 256 mints plus 16 AP (272 total).

as is stated on the Folia Substack.

3) Bitchcoin by Sarah Meyohas

Back in around 2015, whilst browsing the dead-ends of conceptual art, especially that of writing, Twitter; Kenny G of Ubuweb tweeted about an on-chain art project by an conceptual artist called Sarah Meyohas.

These tokens are backed up by petals from her Cloud of Petals exhibition at Red Bull Arts New York.

Blocks followeth blocks and here we are about to help Ethereum reprogram our coordination towards a civilization, or constellations of civilizations, that would finally get rid of the constraint poetry kind of limits of human life, and the Blue Planet.

…&, and here we are. I had long forgotten about Meyohas’ project until Leshner tweeted about it whilst I was taking my first vacation in years in Halicarnassus last June.

I was on mobile, and had to call the dev of Bastard Gan Punks to fetch a duo of Bitchcoin for me and himself. Thank you, Berk.

Why would I want to own something that I already do?

Well, I flipped mine for 4.15 eth, sorry guys. Be looking for a re-entry nowadays. Below is an interview with Sarah and Mike, enjoy it:

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