Goldmine3 is out!

Goldmine3 - the library of web3 founders' stories is out!

I am sure you will want this site bookmarked since it's 100% tactical, actionable content for everyone who might be interested in building web3 projects.

We even have an AI-powered search where you can just ask questions about the projects we've covered so far:

At the moment, there are only a few stories from "Web3 Talks: Stories & Tips from the Builders" there, but it's still quite a lot to digest! And with time, we're going to add many more.

Have fun!

PS: If you'd like to support the project financially, please mint a Goldmine3 NFT on Zora.

You'd also be able to join our supporters-only Telegram channel.

PS2: The project has been started by me (Mac Budkowski), but because I'm busy building Kiwi News - a web3 Hacker News-like app - I'm looking for help.

So if you want to help with maintaining this bible of web3 startups, shoot me an email:

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