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Tipsbook: Case studies from successful web3 founders

As a web3 founder, you're facing challenges all the time:

  • Where to find new users who will "Just get it"?

  • How to develop our product without turning it into a UX and technical nightmare?

  • What are the ways to grow a community that won't be just a bunch of airdrop farmers?

The questions are endless, and only some of them have been answered by web2 playbooks. But what if - whenever you need inspiration - you could learn how other successful web3 startups solved the problems you're facing right now? This is how Tipsbook is about to work.

Case Studies will be short, organized, and always link to the source

The first 50+ stories will be based on the Web3 Talks Episodes, but the end goal is to organize case studies from projects covered by other podcasts and websites.

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