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Bonus #1

Akshay's presentation to Joe Polish’s “Genius Network” group

Requirement: At least 1 Great Soul Crossing Collectible

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a room full of people who paid between $25,000 to $100,000 to be there.

In this interview, Akshay reveals:

  • Why fear is not the antithesis of nirvana, but rather the access point to it

  • How he “performs alchemy” on suffering and how you can too… and get an unlimited supply of “rocket fuel for your goals”, where only fear, worry, and hesitation had power over you before...

  • Why Akshay watches war movies before accomplishing his most difficult and monumental feats, and how (and why) you can purposefully “go dark” to take more raw power and momentum into your scariest moments and blast through them like never before. This is one of, if not THE most powerful “secret weapons” of many, if not most of today’s (and history’s) greatest achievers.

  • Recording of the Q+A full of insightful questions from business greats…

  • And much more…

Bonus #2

The 25 different ways Akshay keeps moving through pain during his training and the crossing. 

Requirement: At least 3 Great Soul Crossing Collectibles

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Bonus #3

Exclusive access to Akshay's training log leading up to the expedition.

Requirement: At Least 10 great Soul Crossing Collectibles

Coming soon...

This is exactly what he did every day to mentally, physically and spiritually prepare for the isolation and brutality of 110 days in Antarctica.

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